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Domination Escorts in Singapore (6)

We have 302 escorts on Massage Republic that offer Domination: Domination is where one of the partners exercises control over the other. Domination is the 19th most popular service in Singapore among female escorts. There are many different levels of domination in sex, from light control to full-scale humiliation.

Make sure you talk to your partner in advance to ensure the experience is mutually satisfactory. A dominatrix (plural dominatrixes or dominatrices) or mistress is a woman or women who takes the dominant role in bondage, discipline (in sexual-fetish sense of the word) and sadomasochism, or BDSM. Prices range from $44 to $8,000 (US$ 32 to US$ 5,952), the average cost advertised is $443 (US$ 329).