Hello, my name is Pranee. I am part of a cooperative group of independent friends. It's like an agency except there is no boss taking most of our money and no pimps forcing us to do this. All of us have a say in everything from our rates, to who we see, and absolutely everything else.

If you are coming to Thailand for business or a holiday, let us provide you with the perfect holiday companion. All of us are very friendly and open-minded. We all specialize in the ultimate Girlfriend Experience (GFE) as we really enjoy doing this. We usually have someone available last minute or you can schedule a month in advance if you'd like to make sure you get the right girl.

Our 100% Guarantees:
• All our pictures are 100% real and recent. We don’t use other people’s pictures but be careful as others do and we’ve even caught people using our pictures
• We are all 100% female unless otherwise stated.
• We are all horny 100% of the time!
• We are all 100% independent so the money you pay for our time is really for us and not some pimp, boyfriend, gang, or company that forces us to do this.
• We also try not to limit shots so you can cum 100 times if you are able to--unlimited shots!

We have independent friends available in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Udonthani, and Khon Kaen but we are able to travel anywhere in Thailand to meet you.

Let us provide you with the ultimate girlfriend experience or private tour guide while you visit Thailand. We are all very easy to get along with, can stay with you in your hotel room, and can travel with you anywhere. Very reasonable long-term rates so we can enjoy without you having to watch the clock.

Shy guys and older gentlemen are welcome, but all respectful guys are always welcome. All countries welcome and men from any country.

Send a Message now with any questions as we answer all messages quickly.

See many more pictures on my personal website at the link to the right.

We currently have over 60 friends available in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Khon Kaen, and Udonthani.

Please follow the link here to my personal site which has recent pictures and current rates. Rates average about 7,000 baht for 2 hours but some girls are less and some are more so see our own site for more details. This site requires me to average my rate which can be confusing.

Outcalls per hour from
฿6,000 (US$ 173)
English (Fluent)
Thai (Fluent)
155 cm / 5′1″
Hair color


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    I've used this agency several times. I like that it's owned and run by the girls. My first time using them was several years ago during my first trip to Thailand. I just used them again last month during my last trip and the service was good as always. I like that they use real pictures of the girls and that the girls frequently update their pictures and each girl maintains an online diary which is always fun to read.

    They always make my stay in Thailand a time to remember and I'm looking forward to my next trip to Thailand.


  • Looking for a girl that accept rough deep throat fucking, do you know anyone?

    by Garonamok – 8 Oct 2022

    sorry no

  • Hi dear, you do anal without condom ?

    by Tribiani – 14 Oct 2022

    no honey we don't do any penetration without condom

  • Hello, Do you do scat play? Do you give and receive scat? Which one do you do?

    Would you be happy to shit on my penis and smear all over me?

    by DJ_Bubbles – 19 Aug 2021

    I have one or two friends who have done that type of thing. Follow the link to my personal site and contact me there or use the Search feature at that link to sort what you are looking for.

  • Can I eat your shit madam?

    by SL_ranga – 11 Aug 2021

    I have friends who are into that. Follow the link to my personal site and contact me there. I will help you arrange to meet one of my many friends.

  • Do you have or can you recommend any of your ladies for a gentleman over 60 years who needs patient and understand lady?

    by lancerbrand – 1 Jun 2021

    Yes, we have many who would be a good choice for you. Contact me directly at our site and we can talk more.

  • Do you provide threesome with a female/trans?

    by Lone_Ranger – 12 Feb 2021

    Yes. Follow the link to our site and contact us directly to arrange.

  • I saw ur page, most of the lady
    40+ how about stamina

    by john_172 – 12 Feb 2021

    We have friends from age 21 - 47. Many between 21 - 30. Click the link to go to our official website to see all we have. You can sort by age there. we have many many more listed there than here.

    And for stamina, our oldest is 47 and she looks better and is in better physical condition than those half her age. Stamina is not a problem.

  • Can you shit in my mouth and make me eat it all?

    by SL_ranga – 30 Jan 2021

    We have friends that can do that. Contact us at our site.

  • Hello! How can I know whose from girls practice anal fisting? This service is not founding on your website. Only simple fisting.

    by Alex_120 – 2 Sep 2019

    It is found there. On the Services page just select Fisting and it will show all. Also on the main page which lists all the girls you can click the Advance Search button and it will open up showing options and select Fisting there under the Fetish area. Or email us using the email at our site and we will send you an exact link.

  • What is your website address? Thank you!

    by Moon_Luten – 23 Jun 2019

    There should be a link on this profile. Click the Website link at the top with the globe icon next to it.

  • Do you accept black clients?

    by dqualin – 23 Jun 2019

    Yes, we accept clients of any color and from anywhere just as long as they are nice and respectful towards us.

  • i like to dominate girls, i like ponyplay. i want to make you horse and sit on your back. and ride on you around the room. will you do it?

    by searchme – 12 Feb 2021

    Yes, we have friends who can provide that service. Click the link to go to our official website and contact us there.

  • Do you have any models who are lactating?

    by luc2Bsuct – 14 Feb 2019

    Yes we do. Just follow the link here to goto my site and on the Services page or Friend's page you can select "Lactating" from the list and it'll show you all that are currently lactating.

  • Hi
    I want to know that are you provide receives fisting

    by emranafzal1980 – 24 Nov 2018

    We have friends that can receive fisting. Follow the link here to our site then goto the Services page and select Fisting Receiving and it'll show a list of all those that receive that. You can also just click the Advanced Search button on the main page and select Fisting Receiving from the list of Services.

  • Hi I will be in Thailand in three weeks I have a request for a beautiful woman to give me a prostate massage? I would request after you have loosen up my rear with your finger and fingers please wear a strap on dildo? Please cab you help?

    by bill4632 – 3 Nov 2018

    Yes, we have many friends that can do that. Follow the website link to our site and use the Advanced Search button to select Pegging or Strap-on as a Service. Or go to our Services page and select those options.

  • Hello, I would like to have anal sex for 2 hours and also want the lady to swallow my cum. How much will it cost?

    by soulfullick3r – 5 Aug 2018

    Click the Website link on my profile to access my site. There you will find all the rates and on the Services page you can search for Anal Sex and CIM & Swallow to see just those that allow that. Once you know which do that, look at their Rates page for the rates.

  • you have lady how love to give or recive scat?

    by adirsh23 – 14 Jul 2018

    We should. Take a look at our site and go to the Services page and select that option so it'll list all the girls that allow that. You can also do from the Advanced Search option of the main page which lists all the friends.

  • Can I Fisting your pussy.

    by mcky – 9 Apr 2018

    We have friends that allow that. Anal fisting also.

  • Would you do a deep throat BJ with hands cuffed behind your back? Do you swallow?

    by pichlam – 8 Feb 2018

    I have over 50 real friends listed at my site and each does different things. No matter what it is that you are wanting it's very likely I'll have several friends into it.

  • Hello Mistress, I live in Pattaya can you give you the hard whip with marks and blood? thank

    by pat55 – 17 Jul 2017

    We are a cooperative of independent escorts who are friends. Yes, we have some friends that are into that type of thing. At our site you can use the many search features to narrow down your search to just about anything or just contact us and we'll point you in the right direction. There are 3 friends I can think of now that might work good for you.

  • Hi dear do you or any one your friends allow golden shower receiving. I love a romantic submissive girl who can take my pee on her.

    by johnvsd1990 – 10 Jun 2017

    Yes, I have friends that do almost everything even things most people have never heard of. Follow the link to my site and you can click the Advance Search button to search for almost anything.

  • Hello, i have a Special question. I visit Thailand for a few days, and i would like to make a short Holiday (4-5 days) with one or two ladies somewhere in Thailand and to accompany them as a personal slave. Do you have someone there, who would like to go on such a journey? I am 43 years old, slim, good looking, sportive.

    by Jan_6 – 5 Aug 2016

    Yes, I have many friends listed at our site which would love that and I also would be available to meet you. Follow the link on my profile here to our Personal Site or email me for a link.

  • Ming i find you very attractive was wondering if would if we have a date be comfortable being naked all the time in the room with me?? Also would you be shy or upset to sit with your legs spread while we cuddle and kiss on the couch or chair??

    by fennec – 19 Nov 2015

    Yes, I am ok with everything you ask. Sounds like fun to me. When can we meet?

  • I will be in Bangkok in 3 weeks with my lovely wife. As I have been a good boy she has agreed to let you be her escort during the day and wel have dinner as a man and two beatiful girlfriends in the evening. In the bedroom we both want massages ... She is no bi so none of that and we will not go for penetration but are open to other fun. Are you available for a few day or can you recommend someone that is friendly, fun, and like to shop with my wife and help take care of her man in a conservative way.

    by Hhhhhhh – 2 May 2016

    Yes, I would enjoy meeting both you and your wife and spending some fun time together. Follow the link on my profile to my personal site to learn more about me and then contact me so we can arrange a meeting.

  • Are u in Bangkok now, and what's the rate for 2 hours outcall service?

    by Sniper86 – 18 Sep 2013

    Yes, I am in BKK now but it's best if you schedule as far in advance as possible as my schedule is always very busy. You can find a list of my rates at http://mythaitourguide.com/escorts/girls/ming/ Just contact me for recent face pictures.

  • Do u offer rimming and strapon?

    by Sniper86 – 28 Jul 2013

    Yes I have done strap-on and would consider rimming if recently showered.

  • Ming Darling,
    Do you squirt?

    by Piri – 1 May 2013

    I am extremely multi-orgasmic and can orgasm extremely quickly which most of my clients seem to find most interesting, and I do produce a lot of lubrication which flows when I get excited and even more when I orgasm but not sure if you'd call that squirting.

  • what about anal in your sexy ass

    by kdakhtar – 1 Mar 2013

    I am so small that I can not do anal in my sexy ass. But I have friends that are available for that. See the link to my personal site for their pictures

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