Hello guy, I'm Alita independent in Bangkok sukhumvit. ONLY OUTCALLS at your place.
About me.
I like to exercise, travel, learn new things. I can be either short time or long time GFE if you can afford it timing is not a problem. I love freedom and when free time I like to hiking or reading and meeting new people. I want to treat you like a girlfriend experience, massage and make you relax like a real girlfriend. Are you ready to spend time with me? If you are confident and ready to meet, please do not wait.
👉🏼 PLEASE CALL ME NOW or add me on 🌺
📌 “ I will be there in 40 mins if you in Bkk area” 📌
Outcalls your place rate.
1 hr 3000 (1 shot )
2 hrs 4000 ( 2 shots )
3 hrs 5000 ( 2 shots )
6 hrs 8,000 ( 3 shots )
12 hrs 10,000 ( unlimited shots)
24 hrs 15,000 ( unlimited shots)

** No sex cam
** Sex only with condom
** Not do threesome
** No Anal
** No incalls at my place.

Outcalls per hour from
฿3,000 (US$ 80)
English (Fluent)
165 cm / 5′5″
Hair color


  • Rating: 2 / 5by (1 other review)

    I hate to leave a negative review, but too many things went wrong with Alita to turn a blind eye and not inform future customers of these issues.

    First, the positive. I contacted her for a 2 hour session and she was very responsive. Said she was available that night and could be at my condo in 40 minutes. She was there in less than an hour. She was also sweet to talk with.

    Unfortunately there were several negative aspects of our encounter. First, the person who showed up was definitely not the person in the photos. She was attractive but not the same person. After we showered separately, she asked me to turn off all the lights except one, which does not bother me. However, she admitted she was shy and was reluctant to be nude the entire evening except for when we...consummated the transaction. She was concerned about my size, not bragging just providing information, but we went slowly at first and she was ok after a while. After being with me for 35 minutes and right after shot #1 she asked if she could go home. I politely stated that I thought I paid for 2 hours 2 shots to which she replied, you want to F*&$ me again? I found this humorous and joked with her about it, but she was serious. I asked her to stay and talk for at least the first hour during which time she made a half hearted effort at a massage and left.

    Regardless of the downside, I thought she was sweet so tonight I wanted to give her a second chance and asked if we could meet again. I said that if she was not interested, I would not be offended; however, she said yes she was available and could meet so we confirmed my condo address again, agreed upon a time and duration, and she was a complete no show. I texted and called to see what had happened and received no reply.

    I wish her the best, but I would not recommend her.

    In fact, most of the time I rarely comment on comments or questions that customers send via email. Because you can contact me through WhatsApp 24 hours. but your case is You are 20% true and 80% not true and unfair for both parties. So I will try to use my words to answer your question as gently as a fragile woman like me can.

    We met for the first time on 25 th Sep at 7:00 pm (1 hr).
    1: You said yr size is quite large, try 1 hr 3000 first and if happy will change to 2 hrs 4000.
    Answer : I informed you in advance that I have another booking at 9:00 pm.
    2: You said please bring condoms.
    Answer : Okay
    3: Am I ok if you live in an apartment? Not a hotel?
    Answer: I informed you that I asked for details. Thai phone number and please send me a picture of the apartment room number to confirm that I won't waste my time traveling or being tricked into going there and you are real, There are many cases that customers live in condos but send false information and block after confirmation. Most escort women do not want to welcome customers who live in condos because this reason. when i arrive You are real and seem to be very kind and sincere. Thank you for sending a picture of the room number and Thai phone number to make me confident in the journey to meet “Living Nest Ramkhamhaeng (Building A”

    When i arrived, you were a gentleman and we got to know each other before starting our bedtime activities. You ask me how long have I been working in escort ? I replied 1.5 months by a friend recommended. And I looked down at your size before taking a shower together. BUT *the size you request condom doesn't match the size you request. You have size 52" which is not big just long. For female prostitutes, you are in the small size group. So the condom I prepared is size 56” and 58”, it doesn't fit your size. I asked your permission to go down and buy a new condom at 7-Eleven, but you said it wasn't necessary. you had a condom until an hour had passed. You asked for a second hrs , but I informed you in advance before taking the job that at 9:00 pm , I have a booking with an old client, I can't do hourly with you, so I left . I didn't do anything wrong or cheating yr money. And my pictures are exactly the same as the real person when first time we met.

    2nd time, you contact for booking 1st Oct at 7:30 pm. I told you that I have 2 days booking with an old customer. I'm not comfortable tonight, you send a sad face sticker. So I offer you the idea that I have friends and i sent you 2 pictures of my friends, you said ok but ask for discount 2 hrs 3000 from 2 hrs 4000 ? I can tell you to talk with her privately. Because I'm just referring a friend to you. I have no interest in her money. After that, you contact me next day later about want to see me again on 2nd Oct but I refuse because I'm still addicted to booking with old customer. You criticize my job and don't understand. So I cut the problem is Block. After that you use a Thai number to call many times when I in with another clients and I decided to block again. After I don't respond, You reviewed me according to the style of men who buy services and are not happy. First of all I work escort not dating gf. where I have new and old clients booking in every day and I have office work on computer routine to do as well. If I'm free from work on computer. I'll take an escort. But if I'm busy, I'll recommend friends. Which you agree, but why were drama ? I don't understand ? I'm not mad that you are small but you think you have a big size it impossible. For me the large size is 58” 60”, the medium size is 54”-56” and all my work is must wear a condom. If not, I don't care about the money you extra. If you have any questions i will unblock you. You're totally dramatic sweet, but missed understood between yr size. I'm ready to listen to my little dick.


  • Do you have line id ?

    by hell_360degrees – 3 Oct 2022

    Contact on WhatsApp, then why do you need line ID ?

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