Hi there...😉💗 Are you a nice guy tired of meeting smoking hot escorts who can't speak English and treat you like dirt because they hate escorting? Honestly, we all know this is common. No offense intended to other escorts, some of them are good people in a bad situation, but I know that it can be an extremely disappointing situation for the man booking her as well. On the other hand, I am very cute, with a well-rounded...personality 😉, who equally loves having a great time and having great sex. I actually enjoy meeting cool men, having interesting conversations, and enjoying what my clitoris was made for. Basically: I'm a real escort, not a callgirl. 💃💋 Here are a few tips so that we can both have a great time...🌹💋 Yes, it takes a few minutes to read, but I will only consider meeting someone if they read everything. 😘🌸🌺


While texting/emailing 💗💗💗:
- Please don't try to text directly to my phone number, I can't reply there (no encryption). Please use the options available below. 🙏
- I'll reply as soon as I can, but please remember that I'm independent, with no set hours to check msgs, and I don't like being glued to my phone. 💋
- Don't bargain/haggle. I won't meet someone who tries this. Rates are the same for everyone and for any kind of intimacy.
- Please only contact me if you're serious about booking a proper meeting, and you are pleasant and normal. No penpals, no "just coffee", no free psychological counseling, no sending random selfies that you *think* are irresistible 😂 in a sad attempt to meet for free, no "you're too nice to be an escort, so you should just quit this and be my exclusive sex slave" lol. The people who waste my time in this way are by FAR the most annoying thing about escorting. Luckily I meet enough cool guys who have social skills and an actual personality (yes, in addition to my donation, that's really all I want) to compensate for those other guys.
- My digital privacy is very important to me. I don't share my name or personal contact info. I don't share face photos or do video calls. It's nothing personal against you, nor am I catfishing. I'm just protecting myself against incels, revenge porn sharers, and generally messed up guys. These are a very small percentage of all men, but can inflict major damage if given the chance. I know there are tons of smart guys out there who *adore* smart girls who are sane, safe, and happy, though (and I adore you too!). 😘💗
- Yes, I'm 100% white and American, and my photos are verified. No, this isn't some weird white pride thing, I just often get asked about this by non-white guys strangely enough.
- Please tell me before we meet if you have any difficulties getting/keeping an erection, or retracting your foreskin all the way. We can totally work around those and I am happy to! 👌💗 But only you can prevent unnecessary awkwardness/hurt feelings by making sure to tell me before we meet in person. Do NOT be the asshole who knows he can't stay erect in a condom but hides that fact, and later asks to go bareback at the last second expecting me to just...give in to the pressure. This is beyond wrong, and I will leave if this is tried.

In person 💗💗💗:
- I'm a slightly elegant, slightly nerdy, slightly raunchy, fun-loving girl, and I just want to be myself around you. Please understand that I don't act like a go-go girl, club dancer, or coked out porn star haha. That would be exhausting and unpleasant for me. However, if you just want a "real girl" who's a lot of fun, I'm your girl. 💗
- I can talk about current events and trends, art, music, movies, books, and travel. I love good food and drink. 😋 I'm well-traveled and well-read, so I love learning about different cultures (tell me about yours!). In public, I'm quiet, classy, and easy going. 😇 But I also know how to have fun. 😈🥰💋
- My ass is a gift from God. 😂 So please worship it. 🍑🙏🙏🙏
- My breasts may be smaller (34B), but they are natural and perky, with super sensitive little pink nipples that love to be licked... 🍓🍓
- I love giving slow full-body attention, including massage, foreplay in a bath, or whatever we can think of. 🛁🥰💋
- My BJs have been called cathartic. 😏💯 Let me know beforehand if you have a heart condition. 😉😈😂💋

We could have an unforgettable adventure...let's make it so! 💗💗💗 If you read this far, please mention the code word "princess peach" when you message me. No, I don't have a super mario fetish, 😂 it's just a silly and random way to show me that you actually read. And the peach...ass...connection...okay yeah just say it please. 😂👑🍑😘💗💗💗

Outcalls per hour from
฿6,000 (US$ 165)
165 cm / 5′5″
Hair color


  • Hi are you gonna be in Bangkok around Christmas?

    by cyborgsoul – 27 Nov 2022

    Yes, I will! 💃🥂

  • do u allow creampies

    by mertedona10 – 11 Oct 2022

    I DON'T want HIV, gonorrhea, syphillis, chlamydia, hepatitis, etc, so no!! I sincerely hope that you are just a curious child that strayed too far from your parents' internet parental controls. If you are actually a grown adult asking this, you need psychiatric help, and you ought to be chemically castrated. There is an HIV epidemic in Thailand. Shame on you.

  • can i have your line id .... would like to arrange a meet up in september

    by bthailand143 – 16 Aug 2022

    I don't use Line

  • Hi dear,
    Do you accept advance bookings and if so, any suggestion how many days prior to meeting to contact you?

    by Birdy_F – 9 Aug 2022

    Yes! I actually prefer advance bookings, since I like to schedule my time. At least 24 hours ahead of time is appreciated, but I can try to accommodate a request in the same day. It just might not be possible. Thanks for asking! 💗🙏

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