Mai and Nong's Milking Table
'A Bangkok Must Do' 'World Famous' 'Totally Unique'
The service includes (let the experts know what you'd like to cover during the session):
Two (2) or three (3) ladies - highly experienced specialist masseuses, working in unison to maximize the experience. Includes serious massage and an array of kinky and erotic services;
Custom Made Massage Milking Tables (Portable); or
Milking Chair by Nuru (Sukube Chair):
NEW - incline Sukebe Bench
Professional 4/6 hand kinky milking massage;
Professional 4/6 hand deep tissue massage;
Prostate Massage, performed correctly;
Full Service - full service means full service;
No limit on shots;
A-Level (see A+ next to individual profiles indicating ok with anal);
Rimming (give, receive - ask at time of booking for appropriate experts);
Costumes (Traditional Thai, Lingerie, Body Stocking, School Girl, Nurse, Hooters waitress, Thai University uniform etc);
Toys - dildos, plugs, strap-ons, vibrators, g-spot/prostate vibrators;
NURU gel, oil etc.

Per hour from
฿3,000 (US$ 88)
English (Fluent)
Thai (Fluent)
Chinese (Good)
160 cm / 5′3″
Hair color


  • Rating: 1 / 5by (1 other review)

    Abslolute ripoff. Switch and bait for 2 old hags. Thay left well before the time was up and didn't provide services that were requested

    This comment is difficult to reply to as we don't know who Baldy_Balls is, so don't know the girls booked or any other information about the booking. No one has made the complaint directly to us via phone or internet and I spoke to all the girls individually to see who if any of their customers did not have a good experience and would leave a comment like this. So we can't even be sure if its from a customer, and not from a troll or someone's ex boyfriend or who knows? Its not a reasonable comment and is outright abusive, anonymous, overly emotional and not that logical. How did they run off early, with the 'customer' lying on the milking table? Why not say something, eg, 'we still have time remaining' or 'I would like to do it again as we still have time left' or 'I can not go again now but would like just regular massage for remaining time'. All reasonable requests. Its very common everywhere that once the customer orgasms that the session is over as in most cases the customer will not orgasm until ready to and after that is keen to take a quick shower, get dressed and get on with his day. The girls are not mind readers and communicating simple information is not difficult as they all have enough English or common sense to comprehend. Our rates are very competitive, 2 hours is around 90 USD each - full service, with milking table or sukebe chair, costumes etc. If thats overpriced for you and will break your budget - don't leave home, save your money for food. So if Baldy_Balls is a real former unhappy customer please do what the logical thing is and get in contact directly, he should have our contact details. Ideally should contact at the start if there is a problem with something.
    With intimate services such as these its inevitable the customer will have different levels of satisfaction, as things like chemistry and mood vary. Its also important for the customer to use some charm and personality to set a relaxed and fun and welcoming vibe. Offer some juice or soft drink. Some basic manners and hospitality will ensure you maximize time together. Also have reasonable expectations, this isn't internet porn, they are not sex robots Whether its with massage girls or any woman, men that know this will always have a better time of it.


  • Do we change condom every time I want to do sex with the other girl?

    by Smokills – 17 Dec 2022

    That's up to the girls. Its probably the considerate thing to do but its their decision.

  • I have a question. Your profile says 'no limit on shots' but if if book for one hour, does it mean only one shot or does it include full one hour and I can cum multiple times? I am confused little bit.

    by oggy199425 – 29 Nov 2022

    Don't overthink it. It means what it says, you can shoot more than once. So if have issue with premature ejaculation and orgasm at the first touch it doesn't mean the session is over. You would simply compose yourself and the session can keep going. To be honest I don't understand why anyone would want to have many shots intentionally. Racing to orgasm as quickly as possible, having a few deep breaths and then racing to orgasm again etc is doing it wrong, honestly. Trying to hold off till the end of the session, keeping the sexual tension high is healthier, more pleasurable for you and good training for intimacy with wife or girlfriend.

  • You also offer outcalls?
    And if so how they Transport the table

    by Leonidas_1 – 31 Oct 2022

    Hi, we are outcall to all hotels / condos in Bangkok. We also go to Hua Hin and Pattaya occasionally. The milking tables fold and in their case carried over the shoulder. Like this it looks like a large suitcase or garment case.

  • Do you meet virgin men?

    by thomaselverhoi – 5 May 2022

    Yes thats fine. 18+ of course.

  • Is this place closed? Been trying to contact them, it have been unable to get a response

    by Marlon_1 – 23 Feb 2022

    Hi, thanks for message. We are open, have had a lot of enquiries, sometimes we miss one, sorry about that. Please contact on whatsapp or Line or email. thank you

  • Hi, I want 2 of your best ladies who can do genuine lesbian with each other and threesome with me. Please let me know the names, cost for 2 hours and how to book

    by sidsharm81 – 13 Jan 2022

    Hi, thanks for message. Nong, Natt, Mira, Aya,, Nahm and Bang are all genuinely bi-sexual, ie, like full sex with women - oral, 69, strap on, kissing etc. Current rate special is 2500thb each 2 hours. all included in rate. Please contact via whatsapp, Line or email to book, thank you.

  • can i book (10 to 6) 6 hours session with 3 girls and chair and milky table? how much for it?

    by john_172 – 31 Dec 2021

    Hi, thanks for message. Yes of course thats fine. For overnight sessions you have enough time to experience both the sukebe chair and milking table. Please contact us directly to arrange booking.

  • Can the experts clean and bathe me in Sukube Chair then followed by massage on Milking Table? If I book for 4 hours, I can shoot as many times as I want?

    by Raul_798 – 12 Oct 2021

    Hi, yes thats fine.
    Correct, no limit on shots.

  • Really 2000 baht is price if yes then i want three bisexual girls with strapon and toys.6000 is the price then i have no problems.please reply.

    by Reus959 – 12 Oct 2021

    Ok great, please contact us to make your booking. You can email, whatsapp, Line or call.

  • Possible to appoint only one girl? Session with only 1 girl like Natt?

    by michel_kingston – 26 Nov 2020

    Two girls minimum are required to properly operate a milking table. However if don't want table then is fine to book just one girl.

  • What's the earliest the girls would be able to visit my hotel? Would 7 or 8 am be okay?

    by Notmyusername517 – 5 Nov 2020

    Hi, yes early morning is fine, as long as we know by at least the night before. Thanks

  • I wanted to ask how much all night??

    by markus11 – 16 Aug 2020

    Hi, the overnight rate is 6,000thb per expert. Full details available here

  • who can receive anal pegging while i fuck pussy,i prefer to book 4 hours session. including BDSM,(give and receive)

    by john_172 – 1 Aug 2020

    Hi, Nong or Bang or Mook can do the DP thing. BDSM best and most experienced are Teya or SuzyQ - both can communicate easily in English which is obviously essential for BDSM. Thats for giving, not receiving - would need more details about that before can say. Thanks
    Can email or whatsapp to discuss further.

  • Hey you offer for women too ?

    by Papirose709 – 29 Jun 2020

    Hi, you mean bi-sexual girls for female customer - yes we do, Jade is best. Bang and Nook as well. All are genuinely bi-sexual, all have experience with couples and female only customers, with good feedback and re-bookings.

  • Hi,

    What kind of vibrator you bring it?
    have you bring the pills? how long it will work approximate time?
    have your girls check the HIV and STD Test report before meet me that day? I have to pay for that test fee?

    by xmanwax – 16 Jun 2020

    Yes sure, we have a few types of vibrator, including the Penetrator 5000 12 speed vortexvibe, voted #1 vibe in Japan.
    There are many pharmacy in Bangkok, this is nothing to do with us.
    Health checks done regularly, the girls carry a copy of latest medical with them. No fee required from your good self.

  • who is the best pair for 12 hours session? i perfect BDSM

    by john_172 – 16 Jun 2020

    Teya and Nong best for BDSM. Both experienced in full range of BDSM activities.Feedback always very good. Have latex and leather costumes (catsuits, mini skirts/shorts, bustiere, corsets etc in red or black.They will bring restraints, cuffs, paddles, whips, ball gags etc as requested.

  • Can i expect the same which i watch on the porn movies? whole table?

    by john_172 – 16 Jun 2020

    Yes is similar to movies you might see with 'milking table' or 'nuru massage' in name of website or clip. Our girls are better and more skilled. The tables are all professionally made and fully mobile/portable. They fold to the size of a large suitcase, the girls will bring with them, as well as toys, nuru, costumes etc.

  • Hi I am looking at booking 3 girls for 6 hours to my hotel. Will I have to give some notice in order to get the girls of my liking?
    Thank you

    by YoungBuck – 28 Mar 2020

    Hi, thanks for message. Usually a day or two notice is good, but one hour notice is fine too. Can send me email, Line or Whatsapp to arrange details.

  • Creampie Possible?

    by theshillhouse – 4 Mar 2020

    No, is same as ask intercourse no condom, which is not possible.

  • Do you provide domination like facesitting and ass smothering?

    by Alonso305 – 19 Feb 2020

    Hi, yes sure, can do.

  • Is the milking table suitable for guys who are around 175 cm

    by gamerrig12629 – 29 Nov 2019

    The tables are 210cm so certainly 175cm is fine. Designed for maximum weight of over 200kg.

  • Have any of the ladies not had children?

    by Tomnut – 31 Oct 2019

    Hi, thanks for question. A couple of the girls have been blessed with children, but most have not. Please email me direct at for further details and/or to make booking. Thanks.

  • Receiving at my hotel is not convenient. Do you have an in-call location I can visit?

    by Bahbdog – 20 Jul 2019

    Hi, yes we can meet you at a short time hotel. There are many in central Bangkok. There are a couple of directories with them listed and rated. Easy to find searching internet or online maps. The girls will meet you at the time and location that's convenient for you. Can contact me by email, phone, whats app or line. Links will be in our listing here on Thanks, Simla

  • Any of the girls swallow cum?

    by Robbo – 20 Jul 2019

    Only in an emergency.

  • Do u do big dick humiliation 😂 👇🏻

    by jamesmoris718 – 20 Jul 2019

    No, we only show respect for the big ones.

  • Do you have ladyboys?

    by sam666 – 3 Jun 2019

    No, everyone born female.

  • Do you accept black clients?

    by dqualin – 3 Jun 2019


  • Hi , do you receive water sports ?

    by rakeshbahl6 – 30 May 2019

    Hi, not generally no. All services are listed on our website.

  • For 1 girl how much change

    by msbull79 – 30 May 2019

    To transport, set up and operate the milking tables needs minimum 2 girls. The rates on our website are a discounted package for booking either 2 or 3 girls.

  • Can you pleas explain how the Milking Chair works?Thank you!

    by Mike_90 – 4 Mar 2019

    Thanks for your question.
    The Milking Chair by Nuru is also known as a Sukube or Sukebe Chair. Our chair was designed and modelled in Japan from strong clear polycarbonate - the same material as bullet proof 'glass'.
    The Sukebe chair is a versatile, compact chair that originated in Japan. As you sit on the tool in an upright position, you can enjoy the visual excitement of watching your naked masseuse kneel down to perform the lathering ritual.
    The chair has a large gap in the seat so that your masseuse can reach in there. The gap is big enough so that the masseuse can lather you up and then sensually wash the genital and anal area. Our chair is designed so the masseuse can lay under the chair. Many famous Japanese AV stars like Maria Ozawa often use the Sukube chair in their films.
    The Sukebe chair is a cleansing ritual treat that is suitable for both men and women, of all body shapes and size.

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