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The Journey Begins with only 4 letters

Hey you sexy people!

It has been way too long. I know!

I'm excited to share some news with you. To my old clients and new joiners, I'll be offering my services to help you navigate your way through this tantalising world of Bondage and Domination.

You have a fetish? I can accommodate you.

My world of offerings:

Sensual/Sexy massage: This is pretty self explanatory. Massage oil used for full body massage back and front. (I don’t want to be presumptuous and say that a happy ending is guaranteed as this entirely depends on the one receiving and his/her preference and anatomy)

Erotic massage: Involves some kink.
Eg. Being tied up. Slapping, smacking. Flogger used for arousal. Gentle choking. Toys can be introduced. Pegging. Prostate play with gloves. If you’re allergic to latex you’ll need to let me know. Again all these can be referred to in the brackets above.

BDSM light: I’m a Professional Dominatrix.

Daytime/Playtime: Enjoy a glass of wine with me. Unwind and let’s see where it goes!
Safe sex practiced at all times. Not negotiable.

All rates given are not inclusive of penetration. Again please refer to brackets above. There is never an assumption that you’d like an orgasm.

Have a secret life that needs nurturing? With Me is where you start.

I've seen how subs/slaves get abused for cash, as furniture or to prove a point that they are their be all and end all. They are blinded to why we do this. It's sad really. It’s all about why we enjoy having our asses smacked. Why we enjoy those painful pleasures and have our eyes opened to what our reality is.

No you are not only meant to be a maid. And no, I do not need a foot stool. I no longer smoke so you do not have to worry about being used as an ashtray. It’s bizarre really how so called mistresses abuse their subs. BDSM was never about personal gain or a one sided gratifying act.

Both parties are meant to understand their part. Play their part. Enjoy each moment although there’ll be times it will be one more than the other. Even though the Dom and Sub are not equals they still have mutual respect for one another and that is where you start.

There are some Mistresses who enjoy humiliation and yes there are subs who revel in receiving it. This is all too familiar when a sub enjoys it too much it gets used against you. This should definitely not be the case.
This is not what BDSM is purely about.

It's about exploring how far you can be pushed. Know your limits. Setting new boundaries. However, the most important aspect is feeling alive and knowing you are in control of your body. No Dom could ever make you do things you do not what to do.
For years I've seen the demand for well trained subs and Doms which is quite depressing. Not being able to have your needs met because there is no-one who knows what you want or how you want it is not ideal.
I understand some of you cannot be open with your lifestyle choices therefore discretion is paramount.

So, if you're needing a helping hand or if you're seasoned and you're craving a hard hand to get you through the week, get in touch to book your session.

Services offered:
Please email for more information as hard and soft limits apply

Safety First and Rules:
We keep things safe, sane, and consensual. Everyone needs to feel happy, fulfilled and only experience pain without harm.

How you address me:
M is fine. I do not need a title. This will come as part of your journey as training gets more rigorous. For now, M is sufficient.

Always answer yes please!
After care is the most important form of respect toward your sub. After all. They are human.

No sleazy venues. I am situated in the leafy suburbs of Diep River and Rondebosch, Cape Town. We will use my venues as a safe space.

My hours are between:
10am and 14:00pm (1 hour slots)
Monday to Thursday
Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays can be arranged.

Membership is available. Rates available on request.

If theres anything you are unsure of please give me shout. I won't bite. Yet...

Incalls per hour from
R1,500 (US$ 91)
Outcalls per hour from
R2,500 (US$ 153)
English (Fluent)
Afrikaans (Fluent)
163 cm / 5′4″
Other Mixed
Hair color
South African
Cape Town
South Africa

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