Hello. My name is Lucy and I am 25years old. Please contact me on my WhatsApp. I will arrange everything for you. I'm a sexy girl from Japan. Glad to have your attention. 😉

I am a super sexy hottie with huge tits, amazing curves and a pair of naturally soft D cup breasts. I know how to get the most out of my body. Here you can find my 100% real photos with curvaceous and vibrant body. I can meet any of your requirements. Although it was not put into use. As long as you can think of me, I will try my best to satisfy you. husband. Please don't make me wait, I'm very hungry.

Contact me via WhatsApp and arrange for us to meet ASAP, it will be a fun and memorable occasion! If you have a new fantasy and want to play with me, drop me a message on WhatsApp or give me a call.

English (Fluent)
166 cm / 5′5″
Extra Large
Hair color
Saudi Arabia

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  • are you in Qatar in March and do you do Anal?

    by Standard12 – 21 Jun 2024

    Dear, I just arrived in Jeddah, I provide full service sex, please contact me through my WhatsApp, I will reply you immediately, love you.

  • Fuck ass and pussy with out ?

    by Matic2020 – 15 Jun 2024

    Yes dear, I can meet any of your requirements, please contact me on my WhatsApp, I can come to your door or hotel.

  • Can you do anal with out ?

    by Matic2020 – 17 Jun 2024

    Dear, I will satisfy any of your requests (including anal sex) please contact me via my WhatsApp, I am available (home or hotel)

  • Hello Lucy I would love to tickle you and lick your armpits in the bathroom, do you accept?

    by Vitorio88 – 26 Jul 2023

    Dear baby, I will satisfy any request of yours, as long as you can think of it I can satisfy you, please contact me via my WhatsApp, I will reply you immediately.

  • R u still available in Doha

    by heregaqe – 17 May 2023

    Yes dear, I am in Doha now, please contact me via my WhatsApp. I will accommodate any request you can think of.

  • Overnight. Unlimited

    by Translover_Brian – 4 Aug 2022

    I am yours as long as you come to me dear, please contact me on my WhatsApp and I will definitely make you happy. kiss~

  • Hi, i met her she is nice chubby and big boobs

    by Rodinur – 7 Sep 2021

    Dear, thank you for your true evaluation, I am still here, please come to me, I provide a full range of services to meet all your needs.

  • Do you do Anal sex also out call and How much?

    by Brave_Heart79 – 23 May 2021

    Dear, I provide full service. Please contact me on my WhatsApp. I will answer everything for you. I'm waiting for you. . .

  • Hi
    Are you available in Riyadh?

    by mkmr1987 – 17 May 2021

    Dear. I am available 24 hours a day, I provide full service, please contact me on my WhatsApp, don’t hesitate, I’m waiting for you

  • I need 4 hours, i need to touch & lick your boobs and legs by tie your hands (Soft BDSM). i need to put a sex toy inside your pussy and listen your sexy screaming , and i also need you to do me a lap dance

    by Feboy – 5 May 2021

    Dear. Please send me a message on my WhatsApp. I will contact you immediately, I have washed it, just waiting for you to come. kiss~

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