(No real meet at all pls don't ask for it I do virtual only)
All the pics on massage republic are real.
Live couple show available(for cuckold people)
Hey I am Ishita Rajpoot I am here to full fill all you fantasy virtually..I am good in roleplay, I can provide you best roleplay experience.
I can play a role of your hotwife if you're a cuckold husband
I don't do (Incest roleplay so don't ask for that)
I am good in playing with my body
I love to show you my things clearly on cam
My cam session is always without face ( I wear mask)
I can full fill your discreeted fantasy like cuckold session or like you feel like mild domination
I do striptease
I do nude body show
Let me tell you about myself
I am slim
I am 5'3" tall
I am 19 years old teen.
I am a student

Charges are 5k for 15 mins
1k for live video call confirmation
Roleplay 2k extra

Note- Timepasser please stay away.only serious gentle man can approach..for charges kindly whatsapp me..

Incalls per hour from
₹25,000 (US$ 306)
English (Fluent)
Hindi (Fluent)
New Delhi


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    I writing this review again as I saw an fake review again this beautiful girl, I can assure she 100% genuine and her pics are real..
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    Absolutely fake. Pictures posted are taken from internet, you can simply do a reverse search on google. Her real name is Yoshita Sharma from jammu, about 25 years old. I took cam from her in 2020 during lockdown and then fucked her twice last year including a threesome with her other friend. Had a bad experience the second time and she created a big scene in the hotel. Now she has come up with this profile using someone else’s UPI. Lastly, guys don’t get fooled by the pics, she has loose fat all over the body and even the pussy is not tight.

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  • are you available for cam ??

    by Salim_98 – 15 Oct 2022

    Yea dear I'm available let's chat on whatsapp

  • I really liked your profile but I m not into cam session a lot. I am happy to meet you.

    by yoyo_21 – 11 Sep 2022

    Sorry dear I do cam only, no real meet..

  • Hi Ishita..I want to see your full nude live shower/bath show. Can you do for me now?

    by PRADEEP_KUMAR_2 – 5 Sep 2022

    Kindly whatsapp me

  • need a cam session tonight,
    are you available?

    by cobiva7153 – 8 Sep 2022

    Yes dear I'm available tonight for cam session..

  • Hi Ishita
    You're free tonight for cam fun???

    by ralaked119 – 20 Aug 2022

    Yes dear I'm available anytime tonight...

  • Hey Ishita mam,
    Are you available for cam fun tonight?

    by sarnasunil123 – 7 Aug 2022

    Yes dear I'm available...

  • Hi Ishi
    Can we have cam again tonight?

    by surajdahiyamr – 13 Aug 2022

    Sure dear.
    I'm available...

  • Hello Ma'am...Can you provide me your live nude bath show?

    by PRADEEP_KUMAR_2 – 4 Aug 2022

    Yes I can pls text me on whatsapp..

  • You only do cam session?

    by yoyo_21 – 29 Jul 2022

    Cam session, chat session
    But no real meet at all .

  • Hey Ishita can we have cam tonight?

    by surajdahiyamr – 23 Jul 2022

    Yes dear available
    Ping me on whatsapp...

  • Do you have a dildo (for a blowjob show)?

    by shalazar1234 – 7 Jul 2022

    Pls whatsapp me dear .

  • Hey Ms.Rajpoot..
    Can we have cam tonight?

    by davindermrsingh123 – 3 Jul 2022

    Yes dear I'm available..

  • Dear r u intersted for real meet

    by Anugarg25 – 30 Jun 2022

    No I don't meet at all..
    Only cam session

  • hi Beautiful Live couple show me kya kya dekhane ko milega (male-female sex). Real meeting possible hai kya? Can you arrange real meeting? Ilike your profile very much.

    by rs338702 – 21 Jun 2022

    Hi dear
    Let's discuss on whatsapp...

  • Hey Ishi can we have it again tonight
    I mean our cam session?

    by vivekagnihotrimr – 11 Jun 2022

    Sure dear ping me anytime
    I'm free...

  • Yes beautiful are you available at night also for camfun??

    by adityamrsahgal – 1 Jun 2022

    Yes dear I'm available anytime tonight

  • Hey cutie can we have cam tonight??

    by rohanmehramr – 27 May 2022

    Yes Dear available tonight just text me on whatsapp and let's have some fun

  • Hey beautiful ❤️ are you available tonight for online fun.....

    by ankushmr22 – 19 May 2022

    Yes dear I'm available till late night..
    Pls what'sapp

  • Hello babe, I'm again here can we have our session again tonight?

    by Devraajmr – 25 Jun 2022

    Yes Dear I'm available tonight for CAM Fun..

  • Hi Ishita are you available tonight for online fun....

    by ankushmr22 – 14 May 2022

    Yes dear I'm available tonight for cam fun ❤️

  • Hello Beautiful are you available right now for cam session........

    by praveenescs – 11 May 2022

    Yes dear I'm available any time tonight..pls whatsapp..

  • Hey ISHI!
    Are you available tonight for cam little late like 1am?

    by Devraajmr – 6 May 2022

    Yes dear I'm up till 3 am you can ping me anytime...

  • Hello ishita how are you
    are you available for online fun today evening

    by sanjaysinghsp8565 – 3 May 2022

    Yes dear I'm available just text me on WhatsApp..

  • are you available for cam at 11 am today?

    by amar_18 – 28 Apr 2022

    yes anytime..

  • Hey Ishi,
    Remember me? We had sessions multiple times I’m trying to connect with you on WhatsApp but I think you’re offline pls respond once you’re online..

    by rohanmehramr – 23 Apr 2022

    Hi Dear offcourse I remember you..you're one of my favourite client, I just replied you pls check and let's do it again as per my way😉

  • Hey Ishita. Do you do rough Deepthroat while I pull your hair. It's a fantasy.

    by htjeff – 19 Apr 2022

    No..I don't meet

  • I am unable to reach you on Signal app. Are you active on Signal ? or Telegram ?

    by frail – 16 Apr 2022

    Telegram available

  • Hey Ms. Ishita I have gone through your profile and I'm really impressed with it, I'm interested in you live show..
    Can you pls let me know the details? I have already texted you on WhatsApp..

    by namanmishra987 – 30 Apr 2022

    Hi dear, i have replied you on whatsapp pls do check and let's have our session

  • Hey beautiful I’m willing to have a cam session with you, i just pinged you on WhatsApp pls reply

    by surajdahiyamr – 13 Apr 2022

    Replied you dear...

  • I bow before you My Superior Alpha Mistress Ishita... The Supreme Alpha Woman of our Species...
    Goddess, Firstly I would like to beg you to please forgive me for bothering you with unnecessary Questions on WhatsApp..
    Please unblock me🙏🏻

    by Elegant_Boy – 4 Apr 2022

    Did we talk earlier?

  • Hi miss.
    Can we repeat our session tonight also.
    I texted you but i think you were offline..pls reply
    Thanks in advance

    by vivekagnihotrimr – 22 Mar 2022

    Yes sure..I'm free tonight and I have replied you pls check..

  • Free for a Cam session ? And what is the price for a single session.

    by anonymusemail1 – 19 Mar 2022

    Hi dear I'm free for cam session right now..
    You can whatsapp me for more details

  • Hi Ishita
    Are you available tonight for cam session ?

    by sanjaysinghb07 – 12 Mar 2022

    Yes Dear I'm available..
    You can what's app me for more details..

  • Hey Miss Rajpoot
    Can we have cam session tonight?

    by spainsouthdelhi – 5 Mar 2022

    Yes sir surely.
    Please ping me on whatsapp...

  • Are you free now ?

    by bachjs – 2 Mar 2022

    Yes I'm free now..

  • He baby.
    Can we have cam tonight?

    by Nitesh_sehgal – 26 Feb 2022

    Sure dear I'm free whole night for cam session, Just ping me on whatsapp or telegram.

  • Hey Ishita, are you available for cam session?

    by brownrambo123 – 23 Feb 2022

    Hey dear, we can have cam right now I'm available..
    Pls what's me for details

  • Hey sweetheart can we repeat our cam session now??

    by Devraajmr – 8 Feb 2022

    Yes dear I'm available..pls check your WhatsApp..

  • Hi Dear . Real Meet Available? these are your real pics

    by Rahul41 – 5 Feb 2022

    Hi Sir I don't meet. I provide cam session only

  • Hi Ishita can we cam right now?

    by Devraajmr – 1 Feb 2022

    Yes sure I'm free right now..pls whatsapp me or ping me on telegram..

  • He Ishita are available tonight for cam session?

    by Nitesh_sehgal – 29 Jan 2022

    Yeah Dear I'm totally free..
    Please whatsapp me and let's decide commercial

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