Young 26 yrs old. housewife here.
Married with no KIDS.
Total ready to explore a new lifestyle of this site.There are certain requirement for meetings. please go through.
* Mostly interested in mature age, travelers to Delhi. with good Body, Good position and hood money.
* With me you can experience Romantic Date. and instance love making in Bed.
* I do not Entertain, PIC COLLECTORS & Service seekers.
* Meeting to be done in Good Hotels Only.
* I am not interested in long conversations and knowing each other, Explore me when you meet me.
* I will charge you 15000 INR for 2 hours. 25000 INR for Night meeting.
* Straight Talk and Meet, No whats app no Face pics.

Outcalls per hour from
₹15,000 (US$ 188)
New Delhi


  • I have mailed you regarding meet, can you pls revert.

    by Maverick6 – 7 Sep 2021

    please mail me with your number and your MR id

  • Ok will book hotel and can you meet at 6 pm tomorrow evening till Sunday morning is that possible

    by Ejaz – 27 Aug 2021

    please share the details first, will discuss later, you already hold lot of negative reviews.

  • Ok dear we can meet for 1 night only

    by Ejaz – 27 Aug 2021

    no problem. need your hotel booking details, and i will call you in your hotel room only after you give me your room number,

  • Dear I have messaged you on email please reply me I am very serious

    by Ejaz – 1 Sep 2021

    if you are serious then whats the problem in sharing hotel booking???


    by Ejaz – 27 Aug 2021

    Sorry i meet for short time or one night only.

  • Interested in meeting how can I reach you

    by rohanoutlook9899 – 6 Jul 2021

    mail me with your details.

  • Dear please reply to mail wanted to meet tomorrow

    by sparrowsindian – 10 Jan 2021

    sorry, i am not available for fluctuating plans.

  • Are you comfortable with good rated OYO rooms?

    by Deepak89 – 28 Dec 2020

    oyo premium will do

  • Hi! Will you be my bitch??

    by Deepak89 – 18 Dec 2020

    if you are interested in meeting, kindly connect, else stop doing non sense

  • Do u provide video fun

    by anemishgupta – 14 Nov 2020

    NO only real meets.

  • Ma'am bcz of you my hotel booking amount waste,. Please confirm if we meet tomorrow and please connect with me email bcz I con't share hotel booking details on massage republic bcz there is not optionto share any thing just send a simple te

    by Naveen_Agrawal – 13 Nov 2020

    Mail me the booking, and when u shared or update your date that you booking got wasted by me ?

  • Please share ur email address so I will share the hotel booking details with u , bcz in massage republic I can add email or any snapshot

    by Naveen_Agrawal – 13 Nov 2020

  • I have dropped massages by massage republic please check and let mr know

    by Naveen_Agrawal – 13 Nov 2020

    whats your mail id from which you have massaged me?

  • Ma'am please confirm can we meet tonight

    by Naveen_Agrawal – 12 Nov 2020

    Send me paid hotel booking if interested in meeting tonight

  • Ma'am still waiting for your response

    by Naveen_Agrawal – 14 Nov 2020

    you are the biggest fraud over this site, you have send fake and edited booking, suddenly you got corona positive, and you are calling me to meet now, you must have been doing this with others profile also, you have changed your profile name from alok dubey to navin, you seriously have no work????

  • I have sent to massage with the help massage republic please check

    by Naveen_Agrawal – 22 Nov 2020

    Please don;t waste my time by asking questions, you are never in real meets, please don't disturb.

  • I have share email with u , I want to meet tomorrow

    by Naveen_Agrawal – 28 Nov 2020
    send booking details on this, paid one .

  • Ma'am waiting for your response

    by Naveen_Agrawal – 3 Dec 2020

    i have already told you to share genuine and paid booking, if you want to meet. or if you are only existing in mails and questions, then its fine.

  • Can you connect with me once again, bcz I am unable to find any email or call from ur side

    by Naveen_Agrawal – 30 Nov 2020

  • I didn't receive call ma'am, can you share ur no on email so I will contact you

    by Naveen_Agrawal – 11 Nov 2020

    Can you please tell me which date do you want to meet? Better you read full Profile, my profile is verified. If all is suitable mail me the hotel booking of your date.

  • Hi ma'am , tried to connect with u but didn't receive any response from ur end
    My email address:

    by Naveen_Agrawal – 11 Nov 2020

    Called you but you sis not answered

  • My email

    by Naveen_Agrawal – 22 Dec 2020

    no benefit of sending email ID dear, need hotel booking.

  • My email address is

    by Naveen_Agrawal – 9 Jan 2021

    ok, mail me again.

  • Hi ma'am , I have sent you msg please check with same name

    by Naveen_Agrawal – 11 Dec 2020

    rather then sending your mail ID and regular questions? why don't you send me hotel booking??

  • Tried to connect with u , please connect with me if we can meet

    by Naveen_Agrawal – 11 Nov 2020

    can you tell me your email-id

  • Just a few questions. How old are you ? How long do you require to confirm booking ?

    by Goodman27 – 3 Nov 2020

    i am 26 yrs, how ever suggested to read my full AD first, that is written to avoid certain basic questions,
    i need paid hotel booking 24 hrs, before.

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