I am independent and seperated women, was in Norway now shifted to indian beofre pendamic. I am perfect indian womwn with Big lusty assets and curves, my height is meduium 5feet 4inches, figure is 38D-36-38, Charming face and full of sex for the currect human being who knows how to treat and handle a women, Rude and over smart people stay away or if you attemt to connect you will be blocked.
I am visiting delhi for some time and i am intersted in meeting some good clients with good money. I don't have place to host you , but i will also not visit your place, only hotel meeting is poosible, i know some aeas in delhi so i will prefer to meet there only, please look into my charges and some conditions below.
1 program 15000
2 program 20000
4 programs and full nigh 30000
Please dont ask for details and pics. you will not get it.
Details and pics are posted here read check and then connect or call.
Please don't text me over whatsapp, i will not reply you.

Outcalls per hour from
₹15,000 (US$ 181)
English (Fluent)
Gujarati (Fluent)
167 cm / 5′6″
Hair color
New Delhi


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    Thanks varsha for the service.. i really love ur service . Love u so mch varsha


  • Are you free this week

    by tm2131883 – 9 Jun 2022

    Yes, for which date...

  • hello dear are you free to meet

    by jatinkjain1986 – 2 Jun 2022

    when you are thinking to meet?

  • can v plz meet 2marrow

    by prateekgargjpr – 13 Jun 2022

    please mail me.

  • plz reply to me

    by prateekgargjpr – 7 Jul 2022

    replied dear

  • how can i contact u

    by prateekgargjpr – 7 May 2022

    when do you want to meet?

  • I want real meet service today

    by dileeprajput9406 – 29 Apr 2022

    ok. mail me for the same.

  • Why don't you response the audience...???... I'm tired calling you... messaging you over MR,. Sending mails from last couple of months but there is literally no response for a single time...how to connect with you?

    by Kaamdev_INDIA – 13 Jul 2022

    I have called you many times, how long will i entertain you over mails and calls while you are sitting in other states? did you ever confirmed your date? did you ever shared your hotel booking? just creepy msgs and loose talk materials in mails only. if you want to meet, plz finalize a date and share your hotel booking.

  • hello beautiful want to meet you

    by madanmohan0184 – 22 Apr 2022

    hey please send your number.

  • Where I can send you booking?

    by kapoor_sahil17 – 10 May 2022

    which area have you book?

  • How to connect with you darling..??

    by Kaamdev – 4 May 2022

    First you confirm your date of meeting with a paid hotel booking.

  • How to connect with you as you never receive call..??

    by Kaamdev – 12 Apr 2022

    Please mail me with your MR ID and number

  • Can we meet in red fox hotel? Tomorrow?

    by kapoor_sahil17 – 3 Apr 2022

    please share your booking

  • Hey any plans to visit Mumbai?

    by reggis9999 – 9 Mar 2022


  • Please reply to my mail

    by Rohittyagiii – 18 Mar 2022

    The no benefit to connect with you, i am not interested in wasting my time.

  • Free to meet on 8 th march?

    by Rohittyagiii – 1 Apr 2022

    date is over dear.

  • Hello Varsha,
    I tried to contact you but couldn't. Please let me know how it's possible. I want to meet you on your availability. I mailed , messaged and called you.

    by samkwt1992_1 – 6 Mar 2022

    which date you want to meet on? and whats you mail ID?

  • Hi dear, do you provide webcam sex also?

    by Rockyhunk – 26 Dec 2021

    Only Real meets


    by arogersnil – 30 Dec 2021

    I did called you but you didn't confirmed your program till yet.

  • Hello Dear,
    I am looking to meet . I called you many times and messaged as well . Can you please answer so can fix meeting. Thanks.

    by samkwt1992_1 – 20 Dec 2021

    mail me

  • Hi varsha
    Looking for 3 shots night stay of 6-8 hours on 16th December.let me know if you are available

    by Daruga – 11 Dec 2021

    Night charge will be applicable, and need paid hotel booking a day before.

  • Ok Varsha my intention was not heart you . But some clarification for your profile pic because I have seen similar pic other way. So I want only know about that .... your profile pics OR only for Demo.? Plz ..

    by dharmender525 – 2 Jan 2022

    there is nothing to be heart, and i don't feel to answer your shits.

  • Which pics are u posted in ur profile , that's are real of your pics OR only demo because I have some doubts about that plz ..

    by dharmender525 – 9 Dec 2021

    Hi dharmendra, specially foe you hardly Marrero if you have doubts, because you are one the biggest timepasser of this site, so do t pass your time here.

  • Hey varsha any plan for Mumbai just let me know ur dates ...

    by realgentleman1978 – 5 Jan 2022

    No plans dear.

  • Are you available for a real meet in Delhi - Next week?

    by Jaggi – 17 Nov 2021

    yes i am available

  • Can u come to Greater Noida

    by Aravk – 5 Nov 2021

    I have replied you many times. NO

  • Hi, are u still in Delhi?

    by anandmitt – 2 Nov 2021

    yes i am in delhi.

  • What's the duration for 2 programs and 20000 rs service?

    by devilishsoul90 – 26 Oct 2021

    2 to 3 hrs.

  • U have cam channel also??

    by viversameer – 8 Oct 2021


  • Hi dear, do you provide webcam sex?

    by Rockyhunk – 13 Oct 2021


  • I want you full day and night possible .

    by Rahul_handsome – 4 Oct 2021

    not possible

  • Meeting possible full night

    by Rahul_handsome – 25 Sep 2021


  • R u meet me now

    by Naru – 16 Sep 2021

    why don't you mail me your number ???

  • Pay you advance on on real meet

    by Rahul_handsome – 24 Sep 2021

    Share hotel booking first

  • Full night charges plz tell me

    by Rahul_handsome – 15 Sep 2021

    go through the AD details plz.

  • Can 8 be made 10 hour I can only request

    by Rahul_handsome – 23 Sep 2021


  • Make it 10 hour plz I pay

    by Rahul_handsome – 19 Sep 2021

    you are wasting your time.

  • One whole night I want you from 8 to next day 10 morning possible

    by Rahul_handsome – 14 Sep 2021

    night is of 8 hrs. dear.

  • One whole night and day with me possible requesting

    by Rahul_handsome – 18 Sep 2021


  • Can stay with me for whole day and night for 1 day

    by Rahul_handsome – 14 Sep 2021

    only night offered.

  • Can call you today real meet possible. Can you stay with me in my hotel for 2,3 days

    by Rahul_handsome – 14 Sep 2021

    i meet only for short meeting or over night. not for 2 or 3 days

  • Can we meet tonight tried to call on your number but no response???

    by rjboby678 – 13 Sep 2021

    i am not interested in those people who are distributing there room number to everyone.

  • Hi are you ok with hard boob pressing

    by Stud_3 – 11 Sep 2021


  • How many days ur in delhi

    by Naru – 8 Sep 2021

    which date do you want to meet?
    mail me with your MR id and mobile number,

  • How many days u in delhi

    by Naru – 17 Sep 2021

    have you decided your date of meeting??

  • R u availble tomarrow

    by Naru – 12 Sep 2021

    i have replied you dear to mail me with your number

  • Heyy. Until when you are here in Delhi?

    by HS_3 – 5 Sep 2021

    you tell me which date do you want to meet?


    by Ejaz – 2 Sep 2021

    i have replied you to send hotel booking, what happened then?


    by Ejaz – 7 Sep 2021

    if you remember i have called you and waiting for your hotel confirmation. is it coming this year??

  • Can you meet me at my place for a higher charge

    by user123_1 – 24 Aug 2021


  • I send.u mail plz.chek

    by dharmender525 – 6 Sep 2021

    Need hotel booking of Delhi area.

  • Can call you on your given number or ksg me your number. You independent female no male in between you and me.

    by Sultan_15 – 2 Sep 2021

    visit a doctor to check your mental health

  • Msg me your number or shall I call you on your given number

    by Sultan_15 – 28 Aug 2021

    rather than creating stories, why don't you share your number???

  • Hi can we meet you okay with my fantasies. I want full fun without any shot conditions anal to everything shower also with condom love bites also. If okay I send you my number I want your services for full day and night for 3 days full

    by Sultan_15 – 27 Aug 2021

    send your number first,

  • Okay I send you my number but tell me you okay with my fantasies I want full fun without any shot conditions anal to everything shower with condom i want to meet soon okay everything

    by Sultan_15 – 20 Aug 2021

    have you read my profile fully? Did i mentioned offering ANAL in my services?

  • Tell dear can i join in 20k for night

    by Anugarg25 – 18 Aug 2021

    sorry my charges are non negotiable.

  • Hi dear can i join u for full night in 20k.

    by Anugarg25 – 13 Aug 2021

    Sorry my charges and terms are fixed, i do not negotiate.

  • Ok with condom i want full fun without any shot conditions anal to everything shower also love bites also now okay i want you for full day and night for 3 days completely I am staying in good hotel msg me your hangout id or telegram

    by Sultan_15 – 17 Aug 2021

    why do you think you are not waiting my time, if you wan to meet, mail me your calling number details are written in the profile, need hotel booking first of all to confirm your stay

  • Mature single male here 38 tourist in delhi staying in good hotel . I want your services for full day and night for 3 days completely . I want full fun without any conditions if okay msg me your telegram id or hangout id.

    by Sultan_15 – 13 Aug 2021

    Hi sultan, i have checked the frequency of your mailing, and read your demands, sorry to say but i am not interested in men looking for without protection sessions,and for your information not have that much of time to give you time on chatting apps, if you want to meet me, you have to meet on my conditions, and without phone number no mails i do reply to.

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