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There is so much to say about Claire herself, alas the intro space is limited. In short: If you are seeking a lady of true wonder who is not at all a girl-next-door. Look no further...

Being in my earliest twenties, I am often told that my mind, intelligence and achievements are far beyond my age and maybe that is why I possess a hint of old school charm. Perhaps my love for boardgames, Scotch Whisky and horses can give you a slight idea.

Oh, and all your checklists for a perfect package: old upper-class upbringing, perfect glowy complexion and a model-able slender shape, diploma level of music training, elite educations & institutions... you name it πŸ˜„.Β Being a a professional at delivering the best dating experience possible, I aim to provide you all the upsides of a relationship without a single downside. My upbringing has taught me to appreciate high-end hospitality & service standards. I take pride in my work and always deliver the most luxurious and authentic GFE. Hint: Acts of Service is my love language πŸ˜„.Β 

It takes a woman to bring you the sweet things in life. I relish the idea of creating an truely remarkable memories with you. A date with me is a truely magical one, with my pleasure to please, quick wit and never-draining creativity, I can make many things possible. Mind you that I am highly addictive and often leave my dates longing for more. A zero upon-meeting rejection record and an ultra-high returning rate are the perfect proof that I am eveything as described & beyond πŸ˜„.

Well-well, I'd hate to spoil the mystery further. All you need is to book me and let yourself slid down the rabbit hole...

β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” Fun Facts β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”

/* I am always impeccably dressed as the occassion calls, whether it is a leisure getaway or a serious business dinner. With a carefully curated selection of small-batch designer clothes that contours my hourglass shape, I am best at pulling off fashions that are elegant and form-fitting.*/

/* Due to privacy reasons I won’t be sharing any face pictures, but I can assure you people repetitively say that it’s my best feature and face blurred pictures do not do me justice πŸ˜‰.Β Here is some room for imagination: my friends say I could easily pass off as a Japanese actress or a JAV model. */

Per hour from
$1,100 (US$ 788)
English (Fluent)
Japanese (Fluent)
162 cm / 5β€²4β€³
Hair color

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