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  • Verified photosSameera - Transsexual adult performer in Chennai
    8 Jan 2022

    Hi dear, How much do u charge for an hour.


  • Verified photosDusky baby Tamil ( vaccinated) - escort in Chennai
    12 Aug 2021

    Hi do you do FMF??

    No I'm straight I don't do with female.

  • Verified photosVaishu - Transsexual escort in Chennai
    6 Jul 2019

    Hi, I would like to have direct sex with you, but you have mentioned only webcam sex in your services part. Do you provide direct service, and if you provide what are all the services u can do, I am eager to meet you dear

    I do direct sex also.please call and cofirm

  • Verified photosVaishu - Transsexual escort in Chennai
    3 Jun 2019

    Hi Dear, What are all the services you provide ??

    Video service and direct service provided,

  • Deleted profile (Lovely jasmine)

    6 Jun 2021

    Hi dear, Do u provide Cum in mouth - receiving and giving


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