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  • Deleted profile (Juju mature, experienced British MILF)

    Rating: 5 / 5

    It has been a while since i have seen the Jewel of Dubai, and im sorry the review is so late, Juju is incredible, the friendliest host I have ever met, some drinks were drunk, some stories were told and before long we were in bed enjoying every inch of eachother, and yes all she says is true, she a real cougar hungry for her dessert, I was blown away and could barely walk home.
    And for those brave few, I enjoyed a threesome with herself and L, words cannot describe, body parts and fluids and fun all over the place it is truely mind blown, details cannot do it justice!

    Sorry for the late review, your young racer x

    Hello gorgeous ..... and thank you deeply for your kind words and a flash of inspiration to review me honey ..... hope you’ve been keeping well and not ‘racing around’ to others!!!! Here’s hoping I can reduce my ‘stock levels’ and have all that fun with you again soon darling. Thanks for thinking of me darling and taking time to write such lovely words. Be good until next time ...... xx 😘😘😘 J xx