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  • Verified photosI Love Sissy Faggot Bottom - Transsexual escort in Dubai
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    I had only been virgin a couple times before and was new to this but wow…she really turned me into a massive sissy for her! She’s so sweet and kind I was extremely nervous at first and she calmed me down and had some chit chat with me before passionately kissing me then stripping me down and making me dress up for her…she’s so insanely attractive and somehow even better than her photos! I loved every second with her mind you she fucked me for over an hour straight! And her rimming skills…she can stick her entire tongue inside you…she makes you feel worthless and special all in one and when everything was finished, no rushing out the door. We showered together and talked for a good while and chilled before I had to get back home. She is a real Gem and if you miss this opportunity it’s really your loss!