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  • Verified photosLADY EXPERIENCE - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 1 / 5

    I was surprised with the reviews on her profile and the amount of questions that she answered so I tried to massage her on whatsapp. By the first massage which was "Hi" she blocked me and when I called her she rejected my calls.


    Might, you yourself showed me yourself from negative side? Please, call me again, and if I was wrong against you- with all my pleasure I will ask my forgiveness. Simply, you could understand my position- I am not teenager, and huge ammount of internet jokers and online masturbators try to connect me just to reach own dirty goal. I NOT SUPPORTING ONLINE DREAMMERS, SORRY, MIGHT, YOU ARE FROM THEIR TEAM???
    . So, with full respect to you, I very wish to get one chanse more to recover mistake, IF THAT MISTAKE WAS FROM MY SIDE. Welcome to my life. Look the situation: I am totally opened in front of u. You are totally in the shadow. How you can prove- you are genuine? Or, might, you are one of trouble makers, who just trying to make the life more harder, than it is in the truth? So, please, if you showing me here- I am BAD PERSON- PROVE TO EVERYBODY, WHO READING THIS REVIEW - YOU ARE THE GENUINE CUSTOMER, SHOW YOURS REAL FACE AS I DID, SHOW YOURS LOCATION, AND FOR SURE, SHOW YOURS CONTACT NUMBER , WHICH IS REGISTERED AT THE TELECOMMUNICATION SERVICES- ONLY THEN WE CAN BE AT THE EQUAL POSITION. Everything you wrote here, as a complaint- it is just a claim of insulted child, which not received the lovely toy. So, to name somebody- first- prove- you are HONEST, CLEAR AND GENUINE!!! I AM READY TO BE A FRIENDS. DO YOU???? Can you prove- you not proposed me anything, what I really not doing? Can you prove- you been in the communication with me a Gentleman? How can be- all people are happy, and why you became insulted? Might- you are the case first- why I blocked you????? I will claim to MODERATOR- yours KIDS COMPLAINT can not be counting, as a review- you can not to prove- what about we spoke and what is a reason- WHY I BLOCKED YOU!!! I think, the problem is not in ME, but, more than sure- in yours attitude for me! Kisses and gift you a chanse to start everything from the beginning. LOOK!!! I AM 48 YEARS OLD. HOW OLD YOU ARE? 17? ONE 25 YEARS OLD MAN, AS HE INFORMED ME- NON STOP WHOLE WEEK DEMANDED TO SHIT IN HIS MOUTH. CALLED AND SENT TEXT IN WHATSAPP, PERMANENTLY, NON STOP. I LOVE TO LOVE AND RESPECT MY MAN. I RESPECT WISHES OF EVERY ONE CUSTOMER, HOWEVER, IF I NOT PROVIDING THIS TYPE OF SERVICES- WHY THE CUSTOMER CONTINUE TO PRESS ME WITH THE SAME? COULD YOU PROVE TO EVERYBODY, WHO ARE INTERESTED IN THIS STORY- IT WAS NOT YOU? I AM READY FOR NEGOTIATIONS. I M MORE THAN SURE- IF I BLOCKED YOU- MEANS- YOU EARNED THAT. SO, YOURS COMPLAINT ABSOLUTELY HAS NO ANY REASON AS A BASE. SORRY.

  • Deleted profile (Moroccan Fara Spa Massage)

    Rating: 1 / 5

    The profile and the picture is not real
    The girl is Chinese or Thai as well remaining girls in that spa

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