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  • Verified photosRose - Chic and Passion - escort in Dubai
    23 Jul 2019

    Hey gorgeous
    Quick question
    Are you into kinky stuff such as anal giving rimming and facial?

    Hi darling, I am in a lot of kinky fun 😄 I could give you anal, prostate massage and face sitting. Hope to meet you soon, xoxo 🌹(Rose)

  • Deleted profile (Juju mature, experienced British MILF)

    15 Jul 2019

    During 3some shall I change the condom every time i want to switch from lady to another? Shall I wipe my tool during the blowjob if I want to switch?
    I know it’s weird question but i had an experience when i had to do that and I hated it

    Hi and absolutely yes to changing condom each time - for making sure the condom is safe and especially not falling off or worn - of course we swap condoms for a new one each time you change for pussy and Ass, let alone from one woman to another. Sorry if you feel that’s been a bad experience for yourself in the past, but there is NO way ANY sensible intelligent woman would keep a condom on used after one woman to another ... and if they do more fill them and you for allowing it..... especially if you are wanting anal. You are more than welcome for a bare blow job in between swapping condom but I am certainly not licking your cock with a condom on after coming out of an ass! Hope that’s answered in a straight forward, simple and conclusive manner for you darling. Whatsapp if you are in agreement to my comments and let’s go from there. X 😘

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