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  • Verified photosMistress Dubai Anita from Belgium - dominatrix in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Well I had a session with Mistress Anita 2 days back. Being her admirer I always followed her on twitter and on her website from last couple of years. To have a session with her was my biggest desire. So I messaged her and asked her about a session. Due to my hectic schedule I was not sure about the time so my great Mistress told me to be sure about time and then to contact her.
    Well after getting sure I contacted her and thanks to her that she decided to bless me with a session. She is very selective about allowing slaves to serve her to be careful about that, a good message with a good presentation can win her heart to allow you to serve her .Her apartment in Dubai is at a very good location and is very discreet. The moment I saw her for the first time I found her as the most beautiful, elegant, majestic and pretty lady on this earth. Very clean and super-fit. She is so so beautiful that my words cannot explain that.
    Her feet are the most beautiful feet I have ever seen in my life and her soles are heavenly. Honestly I think I don’t deserve to even kiss her feet. She is a complete Goddess, no question about that. And yes her smile is unique and pretty.
    She has a perfect attitude and can get into your mind and can also read your heart. Serving her was an absolute honor. She started to train me and honestly I was just swimming inside that sea. I guess I kissed her feet a million times and even at this moment while writing this review I miss her feet.
    Let me tell you, she is a pure Goddess with a pure heart, very nice and elegant too. She care about her slaves too and yes she is cruel too at time 😉
    I am planning to have many many more sessions with her because she is expert in doing this and she knows what she is doing. You can feel safe in her hands.
    Anita’s Charlie