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  • RIM-OWO-SEXTOYS - escort in Riyadh
    Rating: 5 / 5

    i barely visit the same lady twice and to be honest im a difficult guy to please but with emy it was a different situation.. i think its because of her deep rimming skills and her willingness to please that got me hook. Her bj skills was great as well however she still can do some improvements.. Pls let her know madam that sometimes its good to go slow on giving bj and rimming because she have this idea that all men likes it when its fast and rough.. Sometimes we like it when it goes slow and just take her time giving oral pleasure.

    Overall she's a 5 star for me.. and whats best about her is you can actually see in that she is enjoying what she does, not like other women that you can see that all they want is to finish your session with them.. Emy is different she actually enjoys it, she laughs, she smiles will giving you pleasure..

    Thank baby

  • RIM-OWO-SEXTOYS - escort in Riyadh
    Rating: 4 / 5

    Hi Madam, I would like to show some appreciation to this lovely lady, she really has a bubbly personality..and she also has a great appetite for sex! her bj skills are not to be miss, and ohh that rimming service are top notch! she really gives her all to If you're into rimming and oral pleasure then you shouldn't miss her! I'm only her 4stars since she wasn't able to do cim, which i kindly ask if she's ok with it where she refused and i do respect her limits for that.. I would have give full stars if only i was informed by Her boss that what's she doesn't do so my expectations would be rectified.

    Would i repeat? that's a definite YES!
    Would i recommend? No doubt you guys should meet het..

    Thank dear, i can do CIM and Swallow also if u pay same my price dear, see u next time for full services

  • Quynh anh - escort in Da Nang
    Rating: 2 / 5

    picture are accurate and if your into small girls then she is one.. however i was disappointed with the service. her bj wasn't good she can only preform for a very short period and only the first round. she doesn't speak english. Her boss or sister is the one communicating with their whatsapp number and she's really good in communication. If you are into small girls then give it a try since different things works on different people.. but for my experience well i wouldn't repeat..

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