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  • Verified photosMISTRESS INDIAN - escort in New Delhi
    2 Mar 2017

    Hi Mistress Shelly,

    Loved your pics.
    I am planning to meet you and avail your services.
    I want you to make me your slave
    foot and shoe fetish
    Face slapping and sitting
    I love cross dressing
    I have very sensitive nipples
    I want to suck your big tool and lick your precious feet
    I want you to fuck me like a dog, dominate me, fuck me as hard as you can
    and cum in my mouth or wherever you want
    i will obey all your command.

    Please, can you share pic of your tool and full body nude pics to my id
    I will surely call you after looking at your sexy pic of your juicy tool.
    waiting for your reply

    u can mail

  • Verified photosALINA RAI - Transsexual escort in New Delhi
    2 Mar 2017

    Hey Alina,
    I am planning to meet you soon if you have a safe place with you.
    Also could you please share me your juicy tool and lusty ass and full body nude pic to my email id-
    I will call you after getting the pics to take it forward.
    Waiting for your reply

    yes sure..i hv really nice and beautiful flat which is 101% safe n lighting decoration flat .and m staying alone

  • Deleted profile (Smaira Sen)

    2 Mar 2017

    Hi Smaira,
    Can you send your nude pics with your tool?

    Ok baby check ur mail

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