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    Its a fake profile and its big scam, starting off her snapchat does not exist so dont bother with this profile.
    Also remember her face well, she has an insta account where she asked for deposit to see her £50, than on the day of the meet just before she was supposed to show up, she mentioned her "handler" that I need to speak to, the Handler asked me £500 security deposit further £500 for escort badge id.
    This was so far for an outcall and she was a no show.
    The next day she offered incall, when I turned up at the address she gave me, waited an hour and the Handler was involveld again, she asked for further payment for the apartment £100 this was the cheapest might I add, then claimed after bank transfering the £100 that the room is no longer free, so she asked for another £100 for an uprgaded room. At this point I left as I was out of pocket with £900. So dont be fooled, dont fall for the whole sex with no condom, think with your brain not with your dicks as it will hurt your pockets.
    Word of advice on the expense of someone who tasted these fucking scammers game.
    A true escort will never ask for security deposit bigger than your bookings 40% (hourly rate) and they will meet you and try to keep ahold of you to be a returning man to her.
    Red flag as soon she does not turn up after you paid a deposit just cut you loss of £50 dont fall for any further payments. She will never show up and you will just keep on paying until you have nothing left.

    What the fuck is this on my profile. He didn’t even pay for anything he told me he want to fuck with coke in exchange instead of paying for my service . which I disagree with that why he his trying to tarnish my image by the review you see dear customers . I’m not a bad lady.