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  • Verified photos(LAST DAY) Mistress Reya Dominatrix - escort in Tokyo
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Best decision made ever. I finally pluck up the courage to call Mistress Reya and book my first session. I wasn’t disappointed! At first, she could see I was nervous and we had a talk to accomodate, her fully clothed and me naked but it felt normal and relaxed. As she started tying me up…she went from stern to calm again until I started to get it and then suddenly I was in a perpetual state of aroused fear for the next 2 hours doing things I have only dreamed of. I told her before meeting what I wanted to do and also things I wanted to try with the main aim to keep me always on edge. To be nervously aroused for 2 hours takes a lot out of you but since then, it’s all I have thought about.For me, I wanted to incorporate verbal abuse, humiliation and spitting with enforced feminising, ball busting, blindfolds and tease & denial.I’m not going to go through the entire session but I loved being blindfolded with her putting enough pressure on my balls that it made me start to whimper. All I got as a result was to be told to, “Stop sniveling” by Mistress Reya ( there is a safe word but hey I was in heaven so did not see any point to use it ) and being slapped and spat on for being so pathetic. Even writing it now is making me think about when I can have my next session!

    See you next time avee, yea you were nervous at first, it happens to everyone. Think wise and when u feel ready to book a session, you know my number.