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  • Verified photosMai & Nongs Milking Table - escort agency in Bangkok
    Rating: 1 / 5

    Abslolute ripoff. Switch and bait for 2 old hags. Thay left well before the time was up and didn't provide services that were requested

    This comment is difficult to reply to as we don't know who Baldy_Balls is, so don't know the girls booked or any other information about the booking. No one has made the complaint directly to us via phone or internet and I spoke to all the girls individually to see who if any of their customers did not have a good experience and would leave a comment like this. So we can't even be sure if its from a customer, and not from a troll or someone's ex boyfriend or who knows? Its not a reasonable comment and is outright abusive, anonymous, overly emotional and not that logical. How did they run off early, with the 'customer' lying on the milking table? Why not say something, eg, 'we still have time remaining' or 'I would like to do it again as we still have time left' or 'I can not go again now but would like just regular massage for remaining time'. All reasonable requests. Its very common everywhere that once the customer orgasms that the session is over as in most cases the customer will not orgasm until ready to and after that is keen to take a quick shower, get dressed and get on with his day. The girls are not mind readers and communicating simple information is not difficult as they all have enough English or common sense to comprehend. Our rates are very competitive, 2 hours is around 90 USD each - full service, with milking table or sukebe chair, costumes etc. If thats overpriced for you and will break your budget - don't leave home, save your money for food. So if Baldy_Balls is a real former unhappy customer please do what the logical thing is and get in contact directly, he should have our contact details. Ideally should contact at the start if there is a problem with something.
    With intimate services such as these its inevitable the customer will have different levels of satisfaction, as things like chemistry and mood vary. Its also important for the customer to use some charm and personality to set a relaxed and fun and welcoming vibe. Offer some juice or soft drink. Some basic manners and hospitality will ensure you maximize time together. Also have reasonable expectations, this isn't internet porn, they are not sex robots Whether its with massage girls or any woman, men that know this will always have a better time of it.

  • Verified photosBomb Anal +Same Time (Independent) - escort in Bangkok
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Out of the hundreds of girls that I've had in Thailand over the years, I have only found a couple as good as Bomb. She takes her job seriously but at the same time has so much fun doing it, which means you will to.
    She likes to get to know you just as much as she loves sex so the GFE is really good.
    Her profile is accurate and reviews are comparable to my experience. I will definitely be seeing her again.

    Hello, thank you for your review. Thank you for good time.🙏🥰

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