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  • Verified photosTantra Masseuse Daniela - masseuse in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Enjoyed a good tantra massage, was overly relaxed as this was I guess my second time getting this sort of a massage, her hands are magic honestly speaking. I will say I was very turned on while this was going on and I guess that’s a normal outcome one would expect. A nice person p, humble and kind, I would repeat once I can again. Thank u

  • Verified photosPietra - Portugal - companion in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I will be as detailed as I can be. First off a dynamic experience is one way to describe the whole meeting. Every now an then there is a gem that comes out and what an insane pleasure it was to meet Pietra. She was really nice over the initial chats, seemed very sweet and honest. Met her last week and then again yesterday so all this is still fresh, anyways so her location is very central and easily accessible (don’t want to mention it here in case she didn’t want it to be known).
    So first impression upon seeing her, I was floored lol. She is stunning, like absolutely gorgeously stunning with a hint of Mediterranean mix somehow. A perfectly gorgeous body, and just insanely good looking.
    She is very nice personality wise, very sweet and a good host. Wasn’t in any rush or anything and tried her best to make sure I was comfortable an even offered me a coffee. Services I won’t get into out of respect and just to feel like she is the kind of woman I would want to be describing what I did with lol but man oh man it was something else. One word “Amazing”.
    Extremely over joyed to have met her and definitely my favorite from now on I would say.
    I do hope she stays in town for long

  • Verified photosAntuanna your Polish lovely lady - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Nice polish escort, has really big boobs, naughty face and gets into it pretty quick. Admired the insane clevage, was fun to see. Location is fine, hospitality was good.
    Services were mostly covered, a nice thick ass to plow, overall textbook experience, fun times.

    Thank you a lot cool
    Man it was amazing to meet with you too💋

  • Verified photosSonya - companion in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    This is the kind of girl that is every man’s dream come true, she is that girl you wish you were dating when she catches your eye. We met up again during the week, as usual the excitement was through the roof, I am completely hypnotized by this goddess, she puts me in a trance like state. Extremely beautiful Sonya is a wish come true, her body is a piece of art. Mesmerizing tattoos, naturally superb and to tie it all out in the best way possible is her attitude and the energy around her is intoxicating. I can go on forever talking and praising Sonya but I will stop here for now and just say thx for being such a marvelous soul. It’s a pleasure meeting her.

  • Verified photosBusty & natural Jadranka White - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    A sophisticated and elegant Girl in my opinion, she is a good choice to meet and hang out with since she gives out the GF wibe as that’s what I opted for. Talks were great and the overall experience was fun. She is natural and that adds to the overall flare which for me was a big thing. Services were good and the rest was impeccable, a definite good meet.

    Thanks for your kind words! Kiss, Janka