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  • Verified photosCartooncandy Pornstar 🇹🇭 - Transsexual escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I have known Cartoon for more than 5 years. I was lucky enough to meet her many times in BKK. The first impression is incredible, she is one of the few ladyboy escorts who is just as pretty and sexy in real life as in the pictures and videos.
    She has the right height, great body, incredible legs, and her cock is the perfect size, not too small, not too big...
    She fully responded to my preferences, you can enjoy her, have a lot of fun, but also talk to her just as well.
    I love seeing Cartoon in suspenders, with a sexy mini skirt and dress. In addition, she looks perfect with high heels.
    Since I live in Switzerland and can't see Cartoon as often as I would like,so than I enjoy her very often in a webcam session.
    But be careful, one thing is not so good: it makes everything addictive to her...
    The fee from her is very fair from - for Cartoon`s service and because she is extremely pretty... Please treat her well... Thank you 😄