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  • Verified photosRIA Independent Indian - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    This is going to be a rather detailed assessment of Riya and who she is after my rendezvous with her, it was over two weeks of chatting, planning, and finally meeting with her.
    On my first interaction, I assumed her to be impolite because of how short and to the point her replies to my questions were and I even dropped the idea of moving forward with the meeting but still, the idea stuck with me and I kept in touch with her without committing to a schedule, she did reply every time I messaged her and this kind of went on for over a week or so, she has listed down a couple of fantasy scenarios in her advert and I had a hard time choosing one, I am neither a nudist nor an exhibitionist, however, I have always had this fantasy of public sex but it is not really possible in the country that we live in, I discussed the idea of balcony sex with her for days on end and after her assurances, I mustered up enough courage and proceeded with the meeting last night after mid-night.
    When I stepped foot inside her apartment and saw her and the way she warmly greeted me made me feel like a donkey as she gave a completely different impression of her in-person than the text messages (she did explain to me the reasoning behind it and I completely agree with her now), she made me feel so much at ease, the set up for the meeting was perfectly ready, the lights were switched off and the whole area outside was lit with the Marina lighting, this gave it all a different feel altogether. I did not find her one of those bang-bang-go girls that you routinely encounter, the meeting started with her telling me about herself, and then talking about me, my life, work, and almost everything she could think of, she is kind of an intellectual when it comes to starting off conversations with her guests. Now, I realize why there are so many men in this city smitten by her charm.
    So, onto the good bits now, I had my first sexual encounter on a balcony under the open sky, I tried all the positions with her that I could think of and she was game for everything, her jiggly boobs, when she is on top, was a sight I would love to see again and again, she has a very soft bottom and she likes being slowly spanked when she is riding you. Overall, my experience with her was one worth talking and sharing about, it was well worth the wait of 2 weeks and I am glad that I did not miss the chance of doing her.

  • Verified photosIm Kate. DFK. CIM. ANAL. RIM. SWALLOW - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    My experience with Kate recently was one of the finest I have ever had. She is the same girl as you see in the photos, some of her skills are beyond amazing and she truly makes an effort to make your money’s worth. I highly recommend her.

    Omg. Thank u so much. U are so sweet 💕💕💕💕

  • Verified photosItalian milf OWO CIM CIF 69 - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Gurrrrrls, you will seriously need to up your game if you’re ever going to compete again this dynamite of a woman, she is the best in town, in fact the bestest in town, its really a shame that she is leaving Dubai again, I would give the whole world for her to move permanently to Dubai.

    Omg babe !!! I guess you looooved our 69 🔥😈
    Thanks so much 🙏

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