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  • Luccy - escort in Dubai
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    True, now a days most of these Vietnamese girls are putting their nationality as Philippines/Filipino

  • Verified photosNancy - escort in Dubai
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    You addressed "Hello everyone",and on top of that you mentioned you dislike some nationalities. Just a reminder, you are not the only one in this website and in this industry, there are many. It's not that you are so special and you are doing a charity business. The nationalities you mentioned are far advanced compared to your country

    Okay… not here to argue about the nationalities that are more advanced than my country because that’s not what this is about.I gave my own personal opinions due to the previous encounter I’ve had with these specific nationalities with no intention of disrespect or whatsoever.

  • Deleted profile (Alex)

    Rating: 1 / 5

    This is a female escort site, what the .... are you doing here

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