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  • Verified photosDisha - escort in Bangalore
    10 May 2023

    Hey I texted you in what's app n called you twice as well...
    I dint get any response.
    I'm ready to offer your price n terms n conditions
    Don't no why your not replying

    Since I'm getting msgs frm different numbers,i dont know which one is urs , if I got it ofcourse will reply when I get my free time ,if I'm not getting means may be i have blocked ur number for some reasons ,if you are in Block list I'm not interested,if not will discuss,let me know your number

  • Deleted profile (Jenny Darlzing)

    1 May 2023

    I have texted you with my name meeting date in telegram.
    I did not get reply.
    I'm looking for real meet.
    So tell what to be done

    Can u check the spelling Correctly in Telegram User name It's (user name @Jyothikat and Profile name Jyothika Desire ) Don't Text Fake IDs Some North Indian Scammer using my Name With some name some spelling changes they all are doing Scamming With my name They will ask advance amount Don't Trust Check the spelling Correctly Before text

    Note : My Payment Direct Payment Before bed No need any advance..