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  • Verified photosHolly Quin - masseuse in Cape Town
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Carla and Holly,

    This is a long overdue review of Carla and Holly seen in January 2022

    I've visited Holly on a number of occasions and each one better than the last. To say that Holly caters for your needs, dreams and desires is an understatement.

    On this occasion I requested that Holly invited her friend Carla to our most intimate play. And boy was I NOT disappointed by Carla who was waiting for me at the pre-arranged venue with Holly. Both dressed exactly as I requested in my fantasy.

    The sessions started with me having the pleasure of removing Carla's clothes and exposing her incredible body one piece at a time. Her perfect breast and nipples progressing to my lips and her expert hands removing my clothing without a hitch.

    Holly had stepped out while this was going on to provide us with some much needed refreshments and returned to Carla's tongue wrapped around my shaft and assisted in getting my now engorged member into a condom and cock ring. Shortly after Carla and I had the pleasure of slowly removing Holly's clothes and hands and mouths where everywhere (Note make sure you discuss and get consent from your partner/s to what is allowed)

    Loads of play ensued and Holly and Carla's hands, mouths, bodies and other toys were perfectly in sync to make this a memory fixed in my mind for all time.

    These details I would rather keep to myself. But to say that the session was incredible doesn't truly paint the whole picture of how incredible it was.

    It was unrushed and well catered for and I would recommend both to the community.