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    17 Jan 2020

    Hello Ms. Disha, Happened to read the Terms & conditions, Just a clarification. Do you allow kissing, licking, sucking of vagina/pussy with tongue? I maintain good oral hygenie and do gargle with Listerine or Betadine Gargle Oral Mouth wash

    Greeting!!! I guess I did mentioned.. Without kiss how can one even make love or enjoy the session.. Yes I do kissing and allow licking in a good term and way.. Not like animal.. Till the things is in sober way and love making.. I don't mind.. I don't and neither allow anything which is cruel or unnatural or abusive or forcelly.. I hope I have clear the point.. I don't kiss if someone smoke in front.. I cannot bear the smell of smoke.. I have mentioned the same in my ad.. Hope I clear the point beside u can WhatsApp me to ask it even...