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  • Karena - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Hi guys, I met this lady this week... awesome and tries very hard. dont be put off by her lack of listed services. she told me she wants to me the guy first before she commits. Very honest. I f you want something not on her list she has a few friends that can... but she was amazing so no need to wonder if you dont have specific needs

    look like Karena soo nice

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Posted in Adding Squirting to service categories

Hi Claire I think you misunderstand
yes there is a search engine for service categories. What I was asking for was to have 'Squirting' added as a category

Started Adding Squirting to service categories

Although some girls add this in their profile wording or title, unless its there is a category we cant search for them. It is it possible to add?
cheers Sean