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  • Verified photosJAMiLAH pop MARINA - Transsexual escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I Made an appointment with Mistress Jamilah late at night with no trouble whatsoever. I asked for domination without pain(because im not a fan of pain) and wow was i wrong to ask for that.
    From the second I walked in i became her bitch and i loved it!! She dominated me and slapped me around and spit on me and she fucked me hard in every way possible, She sat on my face and made me lick her lovely tight asshole and she stuck her nice big cock so far down my throat that I almost count not take it. At the end she shot her load in my mouth and I swallowed every drop except for what dripped down my chin and on to my chest.
    She literally made me her little whore!!!!The best shemale ive ever seen in my life!!! I could literally suck her dick for hours it tastes so good and get fucked by her as well for hours on end!!!!Definitely recommend for everyone!!!!!

    You are a very good slave for you mistress, you serve your mistress very well, you will be rewarded again with my c*ck soon. 🫦
    Be good 🫦

  • Verified photosLast day here. I need a Dog! - Transsexual escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    After having some 7-8 online session with Mistress Manika where she had already submitted me to be her slave I decided to have real session. She was dressed in a Black latex dress and thigh high boots, in a really kinky and dominant style. After undressing and showering I was called in by the Mistress to her bedroom. I did a rookie mistake instead of crawling to her I came by walking to which She gave me that devilish look and gave me a good slap which immediately made me kneel on the floor.
    She put a collar/leash, tied my hands on my back and secured to the collar,and then she presented me to her big, delicious cock and ordered me to pleasure her. Since my hands where tied I did my best with my mouth . She forced me to tell her how much I love it and humilated me while was sucking.
    She spat in my mouth and then pulled my head towards her, and the cock down my throat till I gagged and almost lost my breath.
    This continued for quite a while, until she commanded my to the bed, and she put on a gag lubricated my ass and penetrated me with her big cock. It hurt like hell in the beginning and I almost cried but She muted my cries by spitting on my face and smothering me with her hand.
    After at least 30 minutes of fucking in several humilating positions she sat on my face where she shove my mouth between her sweaty wet butt cheeks and she told me to lick her hole. I did my best to impress her and she was moaning looking down at me and spitting on her cock so it dripped down on my face. When she came she leaned forward pushed her cock in my mouth and hold me so I couldn't turn my head away and shot a big sticky load right into my mouth. She made sure that I swallowed (I had asked this) every drop. She had a warm smile on her face while I was cleaning her cock with my lips and tongue.

    Thanks for your long and honest review my favorite slave. 😘😘😘

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