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  • Verified photosVicky Filipina in Dubai - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 2 / 5

    Warning, 'Vicky' is a 'bait and switch' girl and might not exist in realisty. Very responsive upon inquiry, she was the quickest to get back to me and send me back tons of pictures. No effort spared in describing location and answering/double checking/agreeing in perfect English. Upon arrival, I was met with another lady who only at that time informed me that she was someone else. As typical victims of Bait and Switch do, I agreed to do the deed despite being tricked (in retrospect, I should not have done that). Anyhow, the service itself was not disappointing, but not memorable either. Value for money definitely no good. I only got myself to blame for the disappointment, but the high number of reviews on this site made me not do my due diligence. I disagree with this practice, there should be consumer rights to prevent this!

    Hi dear im so sad to read your review for me i mean for your complain as far as i remember i was away from dubai for almost 2months.. and last time i checked i ddnt give my friend or recomend them to my client with out informing my client first. So i guess your written a review by mistaken profile- Vicky