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    I had a cam session with her. She has a very smiling presence and has a well maintained body. I loved her hairdo and she responded to all my requests with very pleasant smile. Looking for a real meet, if possible

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  • Verified photosHuge Firm Boobs, Aishwarya, 24yr - escort in Mumbai
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    After reading the reviews, I decided to meet her at my flat. Unlike other's opinion, I beg to differ a bit. She was not shy, and in fact, quite the opposite. I found her to be outgoing and chirpy. Compared to the pics, I found her body toned. She made me completely comfortable and took the charge once we settled down. Oh god! She just blew my mind and put me into a trance - like state at the end of session! I look forward to meeting her again soon, as it's very hard to find such rare gems in this website. Loads of love to you!

    Oh my God.. Thats such a wonderful review
    Thank you and lets meet soon