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  • Verified photosPrajakta - Premium Escort from Mumbai - escort in Pune
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Prajakta is good-looking, has beautiful eyes, sexy & cute by looks. Nice figure, back & wonderful pussy. Clean, hygienic & no tantrums. After she reached the hotel room we had a nice conversation for 15-20 mins and it felt like I had known her for long or she was my gf. She loves to talk, makes you comfortable and is a jolly-minded person. I booked her for 2 sessions.
    ==> Session 1: After that, we started kissing and she was amazing in that. While kissing it feels amazing looking in her eyes. Then we had a long foreplay, kissing each other all over the body. Kissing and sucking around her ear & neck drives her crazy and it's a turn-on for her. Then I moved on kissing her belly, legs, thighs, legs and finally eating her pussy. I stopped at a point where she was almost about to come. Then I asked her to come on top and we had a good fuck. She ended up coming hard and with a pumping heart we kept lying on each other body for 2-3 mins in the same position with my dick throbbing inside her pussy.
    ==> Then cuddling each other tightly like lovers, we again gossiped for 30 mins approx about each other lives and kissed each other randomly while talking.
    After that, I asked to sit on my face and fuck my mouth with her pussy on. I gave her a nice pussy eating and she ended up with an orgasm and some deep kisses after that. Btw, I love eating pussy. After that, she gave a deep-throat BJ for 1 min.
    ==> Session 2: I pulled the sofa in my room near the mirror. While looking at each other naked in mirror, we cuddled, did some foreplay again romantically like lovers. It was quite a turn on and then fucked on sofa in doggy style while looking into the mirror. It was a nice long breathtaking fuck. In the end, both of our legs were shaking. We moved on to the bed, hugging each other and after some time said goodbye with a tight hug & kiss.
    ==> Must say, I had a nice GFE session after a long time. Honestly, it felt like I had known her for long or she was my gf. Looking forward to meet her soon again. <3

    Thank you so much honey😘
    The way you mentioned each & every moment, it just throw me again in that zone😍
    Will meet soon😘

  • Verified photosDeepika - escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Met her today and had a good GFE with her. She is very polite and shows no tantrums. Understand your sexual needs and fulfils it. Liked her service.

  • Verified photosBHavna - Transsexual escort in Pune
    Rating: 5 / 5

    - Being a BI-Curious person this is the first time I tried a She-male experience. I had very average experience with female escorts in past, so was a bit hesitant to try this. I'm happy & satisfied with her service.

    - She is very nice person, well-spoken. My priority was an awesome experience and no rush to finish the job. She has own private place. She greeted with a deep kiss and then some chilled glass of water.

    - Post that we talked and smoke a joint for 30-45 mins. Got to know each other better. Since I love sex after a joint as I like to drive it slow. We started kissing passionately and then I slowly undressed her. and gave her a slow & nice BJ (without condom). She smell good down there.

    - Now we got undressed and on-verge to start anal (me on top as missionary). She was bit scared thinking I might not be aware of anal game and asked me top put it slow with her had. I told her babe your just relax... I slowly (with small in-out rhythm) put it in and fucked her really slow matching with beats of our sensual music.. and she loved and moaned on each move.. It felt like making love to each other and not just sex. Sort of a girlfriend experience. 😍

    - Now it was my turn to take the dick. But it didn't worked somehow.. Anyways I decided to skip it. She told me the she owe me this for next time. So sweet of her.😘

    - Again i was turned on and we went 2nd round immediately. This time I tried a different motion & posture to put it in.. lifted her leg and joined it and started to fuck... after sometime with dick inside and turned her into on-side (bow) position and then from behind. She loved it even more this time and I loved each and every bit of it too. 😍

    - Her ass it really nice & tight... I loved fucking each and every bit of it. Also for first timer her dick is best to start with.

    Charged me xxxxxxxx session - 90 mins (anyways she is not a time watcher). Just treat her nice. That's all she need.

    Service - 5/5
    Overall experience - 5/5
    Hygiene - 5/5

    Thank u so much dear 🥰 ....really ur so sweet person😚 Stay happy n healthy Always 😘

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