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  • Verified photosAnjee Perera Independent 🖤 - escort in Colombo
    5 May 2024

    Hello Anjee I appreciate your response to my earlier query. Furthermore, you indicated that you're 5'7" while I'm 5'5". Will it cause any issue for you? I don't mind at all; how about you? Thank you and do let me know. ❤️

    Hello darling,I dont mind your height,age or anything.You just need to be a kind and respectful person with a good hygiene.thats all.
    Thank you again.☺️❤️

  • Verified photosAnjee Perera Independent 🖤 - escort in Colombo
    25 Apr 2024

    Hi An, are you still lactating by any chance? I'd like to try your services. Also i read your profile like a month back that you don't cater to Indian guys? Any specific reasons why?

    Hi.Yes I''m still lactating dr.And the incident with Indian guys a while back was 99% of Indian numbers that have texted me was useless and were trying to seek free fun from me.Also 1 guy tried to fool me using fake money.So I was pissed for a while.But I have genuine repeated Indian clients also.Sorry if it has offended you but now its fine.I always respect genuine people and don't care about the nationality.Thank you for the question.🙂❤️

  • Roshni - escort in Kolkata
    20 Apr 2024

    Hi may i know where is your incall located as I'll be planning to visit Kolkata, so wanna know if it's in hotel or at your own place?

    We don’t call people at our place in the first meet. We usually rent out Airbnbs or star hotel whichever is convenient for both the parties.

  • Verified photos🇵🇭FEW DAYS SPANISH 🇪🇸 FILIPINA🇵🇭 - escort in Hyderabad
    20 Apr 2024

    Babe, i have lactation fetish so will you breastfeed me? Also when you'll be visiting India? I'm based in Goa, so if you're planning to visit there than let's meet up. See you soon.


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