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  • Verified photosTs Akira (Visitor in Bangalore ) - Transsexual escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I met her on my last night in Pune. I was a bit nervous since I was meeting her for the first time. However she quickly put me into ease as we spoke and had lot of conversation over food and drinks. She is a very kind and generous host and a beautiful person. We chatted on and on. I really enjoyed her company.
    Finally coming to the deed. I usually love to suck cock and that’s my favourite activity ☺️ However once she’s in bed she is very dominant and asked me if she could fuck me. I had never tried that before. She fucked me hard until I came. It was an amazing first experience. I have become her big fan and would love to visit her again some day. Would definitely recommend her as she has great attitudes and right moves in bed that will leave you mesmerised. Thanks for the fun night.

    Thanks ❤️… it was indeed an amazing time spent together. Specially love the fact that you were a person of your words.
    Hope to see you soon again when in Mumbai .


  • Verified photosIRANIAN SHEMALE REAL N CAM 3SUM🧿🥂 - Transsexual escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I visited Shireen in Pune yesterday evening. I had met her earlier in Mumbai. She is my favourite companion and has a smoking hot body.
    We chatted for a bit and got right into the action. With me sucking her huge cock for most of the remaining time 😍 I just love to watch her sexy body and kiss and lick her all over. She is really beautiful and a very good person. Time flies by and you don’t realise how much time you have spent in her sexy company. I will definitely plan to visit her soon once she is in Mumbai.

    Tx a ton for lovin me repeatedly..u always treat me like a queen when we meet ✨ 💖 💕

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