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    Yesterday I meet her. She guided me to her room.when she opened the door with smile the smell of perfume I can smell It was good. After entering her room I could feel like home and like 5star hotel.first we started with french kiss and she kept hand on my dick and started pressing it current went throught my body as it was my first experience with shemale and after that she took my hand and guided it to her dick it was good size and she whispered in ear that suck me baby after I don't how my mouth went to her dick and I started sucking her dick it was clean and juicy and 5-10min she said I about to cum she shooted cum in my mouth I don't how I drink her cum it was sweet and salty.after that she started to suck my dick and we went to 69 and I don't know how her dick started grow again after 10min of sucking I told her that I want to fuck you.she put condom on my dick and she told me to lay on bed and she started to ride on me like horse ride after 5-10min in that same position I cummed and we layed like that and again she whispered in ear get ready for heaven and she put condom on her dick and started to put her dick in my ass in missionary position I was in pain I told her I can't take her dick and she told wait and started to french kissing me in missionary position and done hard stroke in one go entire dick went inside my ass she waited for 5-8sec and started to stroke again now pain was gone and now I was enjoying as saying ahahah we continuously french kissing each other and she has good stamina she continuously fucking me and she said let go to bathroom she took me there I sucked her dick and took one leg on her shoulder and started fucking me after 5-10min she said I am about to cum I bent down and removed condom and started to suck her dick and she cum in 2min after that we had shower and in shower we started to french kiss and I was stroking her dick and after that we come out and I dryed my body and left the place.
    I give her 5star of 5
    Now I am in love with her and her dick..
    Wish I could be her boyfriend forever....

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