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  • Verified photosClaire (independent) - escort in Cebu City
    11 Jan 2022

    What are the conditions you have for swallowing my cum after a blowjob?

    No conditions

  • Verified photosClaire (independent) - escort in Cebu City
    4 Jan 2022

    Hello, will you swallow my cum after a blowjob?

    π—œπ˜ π—±π—²π—½π—²π—»π—±π˜€ π˜€π—Άπ—Ώ

  • Verified photosHot College Girl - Daine Marie - escort in Cebu City
    15 Aug 2021

    Hello I'm in Cebu
    Just one question
    Will you swallow my sperm?

    Babe, I am no longer available but I have a pretty skinny girl friend who can help you with her needs. Please contact her through the details below:

    Here's her Cellphone Number, Viber & Whatsapp: Zero Nine Five Zero Four Seven Three Four One Nine Zero.

    PS: She's a cis-female (real girl since birth) 😘

  • Deleted profile (Sherani)

    10 Dec 2019

    Hello are you available this week?

    Do you swallow cum?

    Yeah , I am here, Please mail me your date,hotel booking and details.
    I do not swallow cum,
    Thanks.Neha <3 <3