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  • Verified photosForbidden Goddess69 - Transsexual companion in Bangalore
    19 Nov 2020

    Bae youre not the girl they come to play but to fall in love with,even when you had the chance for a different life,different country yet why do you come back to this site whr men dont know to value a priceless goddes like u

    Darling don't blame me for being a drifter forever in search of love & solace.wherever we go life's problems remain the same.thank you for taking a chance on a git like me and sorry for being such a heartbreaker. I often ask myself the same question, why? yet I choose to love more than just one person , it's harder to say goodbye to ten loving person than one person whose future is riddled with uncertainties. This life has given me everything which I'm eternally grateful, I hope someday soon maybe I could be the girl you want me to be but right now this is the only happiness and comfort I know of