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  • Verified photosPriyal independent girl - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Met pooja in her initial days I guess near airport had some time due to unplanned layover , responded promptly and came over soon , met in lobby took to room had food and she did not let me undress her but quickly striped herself buck naked so that was missed opportunity there she was sweaty and took a shower and shaved herself later joined her. her jugs are big but slightly pendulous not my type I prefer medium and firm , she was proud about her rack , she claims to be a college girl and age remained static since the time, she used to charge 8k for two shots and allowed cim now she has hiked her charges but age and studying college remains same lol. She was gentle girl with broken English , hygiene was little wanting, but attitude then was excellent, very cooperative, so body 6.5/10
    rack 6.7/10
    caboose 4/10
    skin 4.5/10
    kitty tight
    attitude 8/10
    value for money at 8k was 8/10 . Overall can repeat but now her prices have gone up and don’t know about her attitude as I met her few years ago but can be tried once for repeat at this price doesn’t make sense can try other birds for this price or a little more you will get into the next level of birds. If repeat price was offered at lesser rate like 10k 3hrs then highly recommend.

    👍 Nice
    Well I’m very happy that we met few years back and you know me everything in details woo, thank you 🙏
    2nd yes i increased my price, because that will be my choice , I don’t think so I need to ask you or anyone, nd most important that you have mentioned CIM , if anyone pay me in lakhs even then I won’t, and every knows me , about my personality, my attitude and my behaviour, my age if you want verification come I’ll show you my identity 😂😅 first thing is none of your business to comment age, my studies, I don’t think that anyone is interested for this things here , and yes I’m giving you explanations, because I don’t want any mad person come and comment me ,

  • Mahira star - escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Led by the positive reviews booked a slot turns out operated by a agent who has two or three girls , the one sent to me was okish VC not available you will not know who will come was kept waiting in the lobby for some time made me anxious and her hair smelled of ciggrates did not mind looks presentable looked 6/10 spoke good English and two three languages. Service was rushed body average at least not fat but nothing to write home about avg BBBj in shower, rack 5/10 , caboose 5/10, kitty slightly loose (most likely parous) attitude sweet was new to this so overall average but better than northern birds with questionable everything but for that the price is too steep may be the other girls he had are good don’t know didn’t try others will not repeat this agent but maybe the same girl independently outside can be repeated if agreed for 10k 2hr because of her polished English and good attitude and she was relatively new to this. My experience is average and recommended negotiation should be 10k 1 hr to15k 3 hr max

    Hello Dear,

    My profile is listed on MR for more than 2 Years, and i always try provide great time to my clients. Most of my clients are HNI who prefere safety, privacy, safety and variety. That day when you contacted me and after sharing my photos you reuqest for some other girls availability also, For that reason i had shared few of my friends photos with you who also work in Bangalore. You had choosed one of them and opted for the service. As all my regular clients know that we don't charge any advance payment, that day also when my friend arrived at your hotel you first met her and then after your satifsaction you paid her money. You were never forced to pay anything out of your will. Now receiving an review like this really breaks our heart. We work really hard to satisfy the clients, and make sure they go back happily. You never complained that day why? If you would have mentioned you dissatisfaction that day trust me, i would have told my friend to refund the money in full. Even today i am saying this openly on public domain, we don't want free money, if you need i can make it right for you. But body shamming someone like this with whome you have spent time is not acceptable. You can contact me in case you want me to make it right for you. And also, i suspect the way your grammar is, are you really a client or some other agent?

    Have a nice day!

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