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  • Verified photosHard dick Top Dominant - Transsexual escort in Davao
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I met kylie a week ago she was really nice ans friendly irl she's also hotter in real life then in pics she has a really nice appartement and would greet u with a big smile on her face and she made me happy and fullfiled my fantasies with her she was really dominant and made me her lil sub boy she's a real goddess and I recommend everyone to visit her especially the ones who's looking for a dominant ladyboy.
    Love you miss kylie see u next time to get punished by u❤️❤️🧎🏼‍♂️

    See you next time little boy…

  • Verified photos️Real Sweet YOUNG°VERSTILE(goodsuckr) - Transsexual escort in Kuala Lumpur
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Anne is the best hottest and cutest shemale I've met.she was so friendly and nice to me when I talked to her on watsapp I wanted to be her slave since I like to get humiliated and owned by shemales and she did that perfectly. we booked a session in her appartment she welcomed me in some nice lingerie when she opened the door I stepped in I was so shy but she calmed me down with a little conversation before the session and she ordered me to kneel infront of her naked and start whorshipping her heels before taking them off so I did that and I sucked her bare feet like a dog till I reach the legs and then her big juicy cock that I sucked for a while .she also did some facesitting and sat on my face I smelled her ass and ate it.then she told me to bend over in bed so she can fuck my ass so hard and oh boy that was so good I screamed and moaned till she threw a pillow at me and told me to shut up and stay quiet till I finish!!that was the best fuck and she played with my dico using her feet and sucked her fingers after that we went to the bathroom she did some golden shower on me before going to the actual shower and shower together,after that she told me to stay for the night and she told me to stay and have fun which we did we stayed talked and watched some shows and did some stuff like partying and all that.
    after we finished I left and kissed her and hugged her.
    I advise everyone to visit Anne she's so good and u will not regret visiting her.
    from anne's fav slave
    love youu❤️❤️

  • Verified photosMarina New number - Transsexual escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Marina is so hot she treated me like a small bitch she's really dominant and we did a lot of stuff together like whorshiping every inch of her body she fucked me she became my master in bed she really humiliated me and made me her slave everyone should contact her and meet her yall won't regret she deserves more then 5 stars

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  • Verified photosF-cup top mistress Pussycat Ray☆ - Transsexual escort in Seoul
    20 Jan 2023

    hii how are you can I get ur watsapp number so we can talk ?

    Im not much of a whatsapp user, reach me either on kakaotalk or line written on my description 😄

  • Verified photosMaddy Perez - Transsexual escort in Perth
    6 Nov 2022

    can u make me ur human toilet and let me be ur lil fag slut so u can abuse humiliate and use me ?

    For further inquiries please refer to my whatsapp number which is indicated here in my advertisement 😈

  • Verified photosHard dick Top Dominant - Transsexual escort in Davao
    29 Oct 2022

    what would u make me do or do to me if I was your slave ?

    First the rules for you:
    1. the word no is not aloud

    2. you have to walk on all fours(unless cooking, or cleaning)

    3. You sleep in a cage

    4. you let me so whatever I want 😈😈😈😈

    5. NEVER aloud to wear clothes

    So first Its 5 in the morning, I tell you to spread your legs and lean against the wall. I spank you with a belt about 50–100 times(probably 100). Next, I tie you to the bed and gag your mouth. Then, I slap you amd make you feel as much pain as possible. Lastly, I say “im gonna hurt your asshole” so you spread your legs as far as possible, I use my thumb and index finger to get inyour asshole I pinch you several times.(about 1 hour in their) Finally, I pinch your nipples until it hurts badddd, and then I handcuff you, gag you, and put you in your cage and you rest for 2 hours. When your time is up, we do all of ot again!!! And Fuck you hard until your asshole open wide creamy 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  • Verified photos️Real Sweet YOUNG°VERSTILE(goodsuckr) - Transsexual escort in Kuala Lumpur
    24 Oct 2022

    what would u make do or do to me if I was ur little slave boy ?

    i will make you suck my fingers baby boy

  • Verified photosJust arrive VIP Yuri zaragoza 🇵🇭🇦🇺 - Transsexual escort in Macao
    20 Sep 2022

    if I was a slave what would u do to me and what will u make me do ?

    I will punish you for sure if you obey me 🫦💋