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  • Verified photosSquirting British MILF Lindsey - escort in Dubai
    17 Sep 2016

    Hey there, I have been looking at your profile and your friends too
    Are you ladies available this week?
    You got any specials on?

    Hey there stranger!
    We absolutely do yeah
    Book is both and get a discount of 500 AED ??
    Whatsapp me babe 0508529257

  • Deleted profile (Juju mature, experienced British MILF)

    17 Sep 2016

    Hello, I've been reading your reviews
    You and your friend Lindsey look quite interesting
    Are you both available this coming week?
    I'll message her separately also xx

    Heh honey how are you ? Yes Lindsey and I are genuine and MORE than interesting ?
    Lindsey is here until Sunday evening but back on Tuesday evening and I am here all the time. I haven't seen a whatsapp from you though yet ...message me on either mobile darling. ?