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I am in Danang Vietnam . I live most time in Khon Kaen Thailand . But until July i will stay in Vietnam.

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    26 Oct 2020

    Do you think i will get a free umbrella at lotta Mart Tuesday . I spend the 700000 dong . But girl always tells me there is limited supply . I never get one . ' do you think i will get lucky this Tuesday ?

    I visited and read all of ur questions to the girls here....and its all nonsense questions..... do u think u will get lucky for doing this?? I dont want to be rude but i think this is the best way to entertained u in a nice way and happily move on and let the Karma do the rest... GoodLuck😊😊😊

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    12 Aug 2020

    Get you real photo's.. what a clown

    I don't understand your Question ..this my photo

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    24 Jun 2020

    Do you think Toyota car better than Honda car ?

    Toyota better

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    1 Jun 2020

    I will come to Nana soi 4 . And run around the first 7/11 i see . After the fourth time around the 7/11 i want you to jump from the top of a tree & fuck me in the left ear . How much it cost ?

    Thank you for your questions , I do apologise I’m to busy at the moment have a nice time

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    1 Jun 2020

    N_05 . If you like this full grown man can stick one of his sharp finger nails up your ass for 200 more bath ok?