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  • Verified photos*Nidhi* (G O A GIRL) - escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Another attempt by me to post a genuine review. Admin plz note if you keep rejecting reviews it lose the essence of a community.

    I met Nidhi at Lemon Tree Hitech City two weeks back. We spoke over the phone and set a date. I picked her up in my car and headed straight to the hotel for check-in.

    Nidhi looked exactly like her photos-fair and beautiful. She had applied blush to her cheeks, enhancing her natural beauty. After check in at hotel, we went out for a dinner date and tried street food. Nidhi likes panipuri. She also wanted to try galouti kebab hence went to westin but unfortunately, it wasn't available, so we opted for a lamb dish.
    Back at the hotel, we freshened up. Nidhi changed into a new dress, and I helped her remove the tags. The dress suited her perfectly and she was looking amazing

    We chatted casually, and then things heated up. Nidhi made me comfortable, and we shared passionate kisses. Her responsiveness was a turn-on whenever you land kisses at her private parts

    First session went very quick. We both went to bed cuddling each other and slept with out any dress. Had 2 amazing sessions in the morning which i cant forget.

    I really had a good time with nidhi. I don’t think i will ever meet another woman from MR as i found this cutie and genuine person who goes to any extent to satisfy you.

    I'm so touched with you honey......🤪Ha Ha nice foody 🧆🍘🌭🍫comments.....
    Hey dear.... Nice toooooo meet u... U r also amazing person. I don't why my review is not post seen 6 months ... So many genuine review is not post, don't know what happens.... Honey Thanks again ..... I hope we meet soon. 💕💋

  • Verified photos️🥰MONA 🥰 Height 5.7 fit - escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 4 / 5

    I have met Mona on 13Feb and it was one of the best days of my life. Actually i wanted to meet her friend Anjali but she was not available on that day and recommended to meet her friend and hence contacted Mona.

    1. The conversation over whatsapp went good, Mona shared the pdf which contains her photos and about herself
    2. After confirming date , she shares her location details and she hosts in a good hotel. she shares her live location details too.
    3. I reached the location ontime but had to wait in lobby for almost 20-30 minutes. She later shared her room number. She welcomes with a soft lip kiss. The room was good and clean.
    4. After a good small talk, she enquired about my expectations and interests and then she takes over and starts the show.
    5. Had a beautiful time , everything was good

    Thank you Mona

    I made you wait for 20-25 minutes so you got angry and gave me one star less but you reached 10 minutes before time I told you I will reach hotel in a while on the way I was not at hotel at that time

  • Deleted profile (Neha( Real Meet & Cam Show ) Escort)

    Rating: 1 / 5

    I had a bad experience with this profile

    1) this profile is managed by agent (guy).
    2) the person in the pic and the person who arrives to your hotel is complete different .
    3) i felt i lost trust and said please leave i will give 3k for cab. She asked the agent who chatted with me to call he spoke with me ( thats how i knew he is agent, he gave lots of excuse and i didnt agree still) and then woman started making some nakras at lobby so had to take to room as people are there
    4) as we have 4 hours i didn’t want to rush and was having some good conversations but woman was in a rush and said lets start
    5) every thing was a rush felt like mechanical, she gave hand job for 20 mins , i had to cum and then she started dressing up and started to leave. When i asked what are you doing we have another 5 hours she said i dont know all this i have other customers waiting and i have to leave and started shouting!! I let go
    6) This profile keeps switching between chennai and Hyderabad to spam others

    This is my first bad experience at MR after meeting 3 amazing persons.

    Please moderators post this review , i have even shared the conversation and the screenshot over email

    Hey bloody agent don't blame.....
    If I've not joined your agency it doesn't mean you will spoil my profile.
    Hey guys he is fully lying and trying to spoilt my profile and earning because he thinks if he'll do then I'll join his agency but I'll never join with such stupid people......

    Even I never contacted such person

    Don't know which conversation he had shared.

    So guys egnore this bloody agent comments.

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