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  • Verified photosTANISH THE GODDES OF MEN'S XXL - Transsexual escort in New Delhi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    What a goddess! What a monster down there! Dwarfs mine by a big margin and very horny. Started the session with size comparison... the humiliating difference is such a big turn on.
    Was scared to to take it in my ass, but did gag on it so manytimes. The way she uses her legs to lock your head and forces you to suck her monster is out of this world...... after gagging on it multiple times on bed she stood up in front of the mirror and used her panty as my face mask and made me suck her again..... watching yourself sucking in the mirrror is the pinnacle for a slave would worshipping his goddess.

    Not a timewatcher and goes on and on , Great stamina. Very accomodative to your preferences. On the expensive side but you will not get a better cock if you are looking for size.