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  • Verified photosTania - escort in Colombo
    16 Jul 2021

    Hi are you available today? Can I get a couples appointment with your partner as well?

    Hi darling yes we are both free today please call and speak to my assistant 😘💋

  • Verified photosMichelle - escort in Colombo
    31 Mar 2021

    Hi Michelle in your profile you have mentioned that you are bisexual I would like to meet with you today for an incall session as I am not comfortable getting a room in a hotel because I am a woman do you have a safe place?

    Hi Doris please call and speak to my assistant he is professional after that you can speak to me directly then we can make arrangements. Call now.

  • Verified photosAnna - escort in Colombo
    30 Mar 2021

    Hi Anna do you do lesbian sessions as well.? I tried callin but it's your partner that answers can I speak to you directly?

    Hi yes I do girls as well I am bisexual. Don't worry darling you can speak to my partner first he is very professional not like other guys. Call I am available today

  • Verified photosTania - escort in Colombo
    28 Mar 2021

    Hi I would like to meet up with you do you meet women also? I have naver been with a girl before but allways wanted to try.

    Hi yeah I meet women also I am bisexual. Will take it slow since it's your first time don't worry will have fun. Call my assistant for a appointment I am available today.