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  • Verified photosCamila sexy Brazilian - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I have met Camila several times in Dubai. Let's just say she is in a different league. She is by far the sexiest woman I have ever met. Her body is out of this world. She is the incarnation of the brazilian beauty: tall, well tanned and extremely fit. Her blowjob skills are mind blowing. When it comes to sex she simply loves it and always asks for more. Overall she is a fun, charming lady that deserves to be treated like a princess.

    ❤️❤️❤️ I really enjoy the time I spend with you , thank you for being so kind and a perfect company too, I hope to see you soon again💋🔥

  • Verified photosChubby girl nuru b2b mag anal kitty - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 4 / 5

    Probably the best deepthroat in dubai. Nice and open minded girl too

  • Verified photosNatalia last week I wanna make love - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 2 / 5

    Same girl as in the pictures but probably is 10-15 years older than claimed. Typical Colombian style and of course underwent a lot of surgery (lipo, abdomen, breast reduction, etc.). My experience was ok but very mechanical and I felt a bit rushed throughout the session. Also, she complained several times about my size being too large which I found a bit rude. She says she accept all nationalities, in reality she clearly displayed some despise against Indians. Would only recommend if you never tried a Latina lady otherwise there are plenty of better options…

    This review are totally fake I hate people lie in this way. Why u invented all of this , never happened ,,,,
    I haven’t meet anybody for the last few months from India whit large size may be u wish have big one . If you are real men because I don’t know why you are doing this review , And who you are well it’s clear your intentions is ruin my reputation...
    The majority friends I have are from India and yes some whit big size but I know them for long time, they are my regulars , I don’t remember met someone like u described in this year even this prove it’s a fake review ...
    Also about my boobs are the best I have and look bigger than people can see in the pictures how I can have breast reduction? I don’t have any scar even ,well this is so funny this prove more how fake it’s this review and I wish after 15 years no only me many girls can look how I am look 👀 because really I am very proud to be like this ,I take care for my face, body etc whit healthy food and I do exercise as well I haven’t done all cirugías you mentioned may be it’s difficult to believe and some people are In shocked when they see me in real
    I remember one costumer this week he told me I visited a lots escorts u have the best Body I haven’t see In Dubai , well I am so happy and confident , my question it’s why only you Are thinking in that way ???
    I love ❤️ Indian People they are welcome to my i don’t have any problem whit this nationality at all ;majority people I met here ,Australia ,Uk ? everywhere are from India I can say 75% of them ,they are so passionate and good people I always defend all of them and This Point it’s important to me clarify because I care about them and I don’t like people are racist ..
    I want invite you to follow my Instagram Where I do online I posted videos where you can see I am real girl I live in Dubai etc the true always come thanks for read regarding Natalia

  • Verified photosBrazilian Barbie 🇧🇷 - escort in Doha
    Rating: 3 / 5

    Overall good experience. Smiling and smart girl. She is the girl on the pic and has a nice (fake) body. Sex was ok but i think there are better options especially for that price tag.

    Well, don’t know exactly what to expect from a person that rated 7 girls and only 3 of them have 5 hearts.
    It’s funny because I’ve worked as an escort for quite a while now in 4 different countries and you’re the first bad review in my life.
    Sorry I disappointed you, and if the price was too high for your income. I do offer discounts for regulars (which I do have a lot of).
    Regarding my body, I only have breast implants and the rest of it is maintained with 6 days a week at the gym. 😄
    If you’d like to text me on WhatsApp and tell me what I could improve, I’d love to hear a feedback, since it’d be the first negative one since... forever?
    Even tho I’m not sure if I can fit your expectations, since only 30/40% or the girls you meet and have amazing reviews are not good enough for you 🤔
    Have an amazing day, and anything, feel free to be in touch on WhatsApp. 💋

  • Verified photos🦋 LAST DAY W/ 3SOME🦋 - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 2 / 5

    My experience was quite different than the ones listed... cold and mechanical with no passion. I was also not a big of fake moanings

    Pls be honest with your reviews i know my self well i never do that to all my clients as you can see my reviews read all pls..i am not the type of person who make dramas just to earned money..i hope you are happy doing this to me good lunck I didn’t even know you.

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