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  • Mahee 100+ positive reviews - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Extremely prompt & astoundingly beautiful with a heart of gold.Took her pre recorded vid and oh boy.. she’s too Pretty to be true.
    The video is like the perfect appetiser before a well cooked meal first.

    Thank you so much for the kind review, I'm so happy to read this! I hope we can meet someday ! Thanks again
    Kisses 💋💋💋

  • Verified photosDevildiya - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Let me take a moment to appreciate the genuineness that Divya Exhibits when you first come in contact with her in Whats App/text etc.
    I expected a lazy response but was surprised how easy and seamless the whole process of getting her pre recorded Vid.
    I have not met her in person but have seen and been with enough women in life to be able to not balk at how astoundingly attractive and beautiful she is.
    I’m not sure about how old the video is but yes it’s her and she looks unbelievably beautiful and her curves are like the steep bends of a hilly road. Well defined and visibly curvaceous.
    I am planning to meet her very soon as she is definitely not fake and nothing that she does will make you feel like you’re being cheated even though that is the most common thing to happen on MR.
    Thanks Diya moreover for your genuineness and your beautiful gesture. I really am in awe of how good a human you are before rating you as an escort. I will definitely see you next week.

    Thankyou so much baby, for your genuine review
    I am absolutely flattered by your impressions
    Our souls definitely connected deep and beyond.
    Lots of love hugs until we meet.... YOU ARE THE BEST!❤

  • Verified photosTamara - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Ok Guys let me tell you a truth…
    I have been an obese man all my life and have really considered myself as useless in terms of having the stuff it takes to please a woman.
    Tamara on the other hand was such a sweetypie that i fixed with her at 11 am and due to various issues and mishaps that day i kept getting delayed… Im not going to tell you how much she charges because if you’re concerned about it being affordable… then compared to the scams and harassmentim i have seen ppl go through..
    Ive been in Mumbai 15 years +
    First experience , she was cery welcoming in a very appropriate black dress and was just like she had invited a friend over for beer. I asked her before I reached if she would like something to drink. She said bring if you want and. Chill here… thats what i did … brothers theres no way any woman can act to be so into you. I can understand for 2 hours etc… but imagine 7-8 hours… and no i didnt pay for full night ..
    I have been so busy with work and have been deeply involved in work in East/West & South african countries.
    Shes from Tanzania, beautiful place represented by a beautiful woman.
    Ok about the service she was out of this universe and probably oit of the closest next one too…
    I have something called a build up issue sometimes and specially with escorts because mostly they don't care about any of that.
    But she helped me and as soon as she kissed me and took her first swig ate cock and went Gaga over junior and i then did her in Miss/Doggy/Dragon/thumping, she was moaning quite a lot.. im not sure whether she enjoyed that much or was it just to make me keep going..!!

    I will wouch for her and if anyone has any doubt..
    Can hit me up
    Im right beside where she does her incallls…

    Another thing, she’s a very nice girl… if you touch her heart she will do anything for you.

    Im not going to rate her coz shes a 100/50..
    twice as good…
    Pics are more o less similar..
    I think everyone deserves a chance… genuine 100% .. no bullshits full service no tome restraint charge… go ahead.. lef ms know i live very closeby.. so if anything in the mind stopping you from meeting her please reach out ill convince you over beer.

    Btw Re Edited:


    She’s going back to her home country very soon.. and if you’re lucky you’d get a slot with her this weekend. I keep travelling to Africa for work once in 2-3 months.. so im sure ill see her soon…

    If anyone needs help in getting appt:
    Drop me an email..

    And Babe@ Tamara… i hopd you remember who i am … and i wanted fo ask you did u enjoy the deed at all… i thought so… but maybe that’s just over confidence… guys its about who goes first you or her??

    And hey guys ..
    Listen to her
    Play by her rules
    Treat her well

    Then let the magic of ebony begin..

    Tamara what i have to say to you ..
    you are changing this world in many many ways
    Being honest and interested in what you promised… work hard party along attitude makes ir so comfortable…

    Enough guys now go get her….


    Oooh thank you so much darling i really appreciate
    Hop to see you soon you are one in a million 🥰😘