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  • Verified photosKhloè - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Ohhhh, Met this sweet girl sometime back. She is very quite, pleasing & sweet natured person. The place is clean & hygienic.
    She is perfectly curvy & thick body. Not too huge, not small. Just about right to handle.
    She welcome me, made me comfortable. We talked for sometime, while we were slowly closing-in & getting touchy. And as I had requested her earlier, if she would be more submissive during our meeting. To my surprise, she was extremely convincing & tender & fragile in her part not just in her words but also her actions. We stood facing each other, hugging, kissing & me gradually feeling her round hips & curvy soft ass cheeks. Pulling her closer to me. Undressing her gently. Loved the way how she was moving while sitting in my lap like a hot petting lap dance. She is a fine hot lady wanting to please in everyway. An absolute giver.
    If you can share openly with her, what is it that you are looking for, Can't share anymore spicy details but will be meeting her soon again to try something new.

    I miss you Dzaddy 😘. Eagerly awaiting for the next meeting to explore our llimits & create memories 😜

  • Maria - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Met her. Wow just Wow. What an amazing experience. What an awesome experience. More than what I expected. She understands your needs very well, you just need to give her a sign & talk to her. She is willing to please you. Where should I begin. She welcomed me with a broad smile & bubbly big ass, shaking and wriggling on me. We had a few talks and drinks. Undressed slowly. We started with a few spanks on her ass and a few kisses. Went on for a oil body massage. She has good massage skills. Massaged my back, my feet and amazing massage of my ass, balls & cock. (A must try). You just need to tell her what you like. She surprised me by massaging my asshole so gently & deep. Just loved that feeling. Then we moved on to much more naughty & hotter stuff that I can't mention her. But she is open to all kinds if kinks and special attention that you would need with your desire. Her ass is so juicy, thick, huge & perfect for big ass lovers. It was amazing playing with that huge ass. Loved her afro hairstyle & beautiful face. She is a QUEEN. Will meet her again soon enough. Possible for a HOT HOT 🔥 Threesome. Looking forward....

    Most welcome dear,I also enjoyed the moment with you...can't wait to meet you again

  • Verified photosJeni - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 1 / 5

    Please avoid this, took money in advance and then no reply. Scamster alert!!

  • Verified photosDaisy (Independent) Real Meet Only - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 2 / 5

    Had meet her in western suburbs some months ago. She is a good friendly, safe, clean and hyienic person to be around. But the experience is no where close to what you expect it to be. The sexual oomph factor seems to be lacking in the overall experience provided. Please consider this as a feedback for improvement as I believe you can offer a lot more if you can improve on this element and be more forth coming and interested.

  • Verified photosDimpy - Transsexual escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 1 / 5

    Fellow mongers. beware.. better safe than sorry. Moody and impolite behavior traits. All depends on your luck.

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  • Verified photosLayla Arab Independent - escort in Mumbai
    13 Feb 2023

    Hello Hamut,
    I would like to meet you. Can we final at 15k for an hour. I can meet you this week. Anytime you want. Please reply to me soon.


  • Verified photosLanded Everyone's Lips Ms.Coffee/poppers - Transsexual dominatrix in Mumbai
    22 Oct 2022

    No I am not a Paparazzi. Just someone with common sense.
    2 different people meeting 2 different TS escorts, will not have the same experience and will certainly not describe their experience & review in exact same words. It's fishy & fake.

    If u have comonsense u will never crawl like this unless u exp both of our services! Anyways i dont like to argue on any of what u r saying bcos what matters to me is the people who apreciated me and i never beg for reviews! I mean no harm to anyone so there is no any valid reason from my side to fake it however i dare u to try our both service and let me give u the taste of ur own meds! U fucking retarded u should try it bfore u talk so much! Doubt kills just a friendly reminder and last u sounds fishy not the reviews! Bcos u will never bark this way if u have comonsense! Godbless us all and only god can judge us so pls watch ur mouth be hamble and pay respect! And let me remind u that this is my profile u can as question but limit ur mouth to unsecessary nonsense argue period❤️ have a nice day bitter!

  • Verified photosLanded Everyone's Lips Ms.Coffee/poppers - Transsexual dominatrix in Mumbai
    13 Oct 2022

    I have read an exact same review which is written by Shubham on your profile, word to word written on a different profile of a Columbian TS. What do you have to say about it? Awaiting reply

    Are u a paparazzi? i dont see any problem with that at all❤️

  • Verified photosTina (cam & Real meet) - escort in Mumbai
    22 Feb 2022

    Do you play roles. Any kinky ones. Please suggest. Im interested in meeting.

    Yes can play any role.. ping me on telegram sweetgirl9137

  • Verified photosLayla Arab Independent - escort in Mumbai
    9 Jan 2022

    Hey Hi Layla,
    Can I meet you today afternoon. Please confirm time. I sent you many messages on whatsapp but no reply.
    At 3 pm today. For one hour. We can finalize at rate i have sent you on IG.

    Hi sorry babe little busy. Please msg in my WhatsApp again