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  • Verified photosBEST IN HARD FUCKING - Male escort in Dubai
    19 Nov 2020

    Hi dear i would like to ask if your okay to serve couple we are Gay Couple from Uk
    Please lemme know then coz i want to meet you tonight

    Hi! Yeah of course i do and i love to serve couple. For sure you will not regreet so just chat me, on whats app

  • Verified photosBest in ROMANCE & Fucker - ASS LICKER - Male escort in Abu Dhabi
    17 Nov 2020

    Hi are you available tomorrow? And you do service on couple?
    Please let me know 😊

    Hi yes im available tomorrow dear..
    Of course dear i do service on couple i love to do it just kindly chat me in whats app 😊
    See you 😘

  • Deleted profile (Hard and Deep Fucker(DominantTop))

    23 Oct 2020

    Hi Jairu thankyou soo much on such a great service u did last night i really enjoyed with you being ur botton as ur good as Top ur such a good escort worth to paid i really love to meet you again babe 😘

    Thank you soo much also for choosing me dear Im so happy to hear that ur being satisfied on my service 😉 also ur good bottom 😉 i can assure u i can do more than what ive done yesterday 😈 see youwh next time babe 😘

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